adabhra perfect; SB 1.3.4
adabhra vast; SB 1.5.40
adabhra immense; SB 1.15.15
adabhra fixed; SB 1.18.16
adabhra unlimited; SB 3.9.25
adabhra magnanimous, without reservation; SB 3.15.9
adabhra-karuṇena merciful; SB 4.1.57
adabhra-cakṣuṣā having all knowledge; SB 4.3.14
adabhra unlimited; SB 4.22.47
adabhra glorious; SB 4.25.29
adabhra-kartaḥ O Lord, who performs many activities; SB 5.3.15
adabhra-vīryam very, very powerful; SB 5.11.17
adabhra-dayaḥ the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is unlimitedly merciful; SB 8.3.19
adabhra-sauhṛdāḥ devotees who are incessantly friendly to the fallen souls; SB 10.2.31
adabhra great; CC Madhya 13.207