arhaṇam respectful worship; SB 1.9.41
arhaṇam worshiping; SB 2.4.15
arhaṇam just suitable; SB 2.9.19
mat-arhaṇam worship of Me; SB 3.21.24
arhaṇam gem; SB 3.21.45-47
arhaṇam honor; SB 3.21.49
a-tat-arhaṇam on which he should not have lamented; SB 4.28.22
arhaṇam worship; SB 4.31.14
arhaṇam offering of worship; SB 5.3.4-5
arhaṇam offering respect; SB 5.5.26
arhaṇam the worship; SB 5.18.21
a-tat-arhaṇam not fit to be chastised (due to his noble character and tender age); SB 7.8.3-4
arhaṇam worshiping the Deity; SB 8.16.47
arhaṇam all paraphernalia for worshiping the Lord; SB 9.10.13
arhaṇam paraphernalia for worship; SB 9.15.24
arhaṇam humble reception; SB 9.20.14
a-tat-arhaṇam which was not at all sanctioned by the śāstras; SB 10.1.10
arhaṇam worship; SB 10.2.34
arhaṇam in the shape of worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 10.12.34
arhaṇam offerings; SB 10.15.5
tat-arhaṇam Him who was worthy of such; SB 10.18.31
arhaṇam as a respectful offering; SB 10.38.37-38
arhaṇam respectful offering; SB 10.45.38
arhaṇam honor; SB 10.74.23
arhaṇam honoring; SB 10.74.23
arhaṇam as a respectful offering; SB 10.83.10
arhaṇam the offering; SB 11.6.12
arhaṇam worship; CC Madhya 22.63