bahiḥ external; BG 5.27-28
bahiḥ outside; BG 13.16
bahiḥ in the material world; SB 1.6.31
bahiḥ without; SB 1.8.18
bahiḥ outside; SB 1.13.58
bahiḥ outside; SB 1.17.34
bahiḥ without; SB 2.2.23
bahiḥ external; SB 2.6.17
bahiḥ externally; SB 2.6.17
bahiḥ thus situated beyond; SB 2.6.20
bahiḥ outside; SB 2.10.23
bahiḥ external; SB 2.10.33
bahiḥ out; SB 3.5.39
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.7.16
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.11.16
bahiḥ outside of; SB 3.11.22
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.11.40
bahiḥ without; SB 3.14.50
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.19.24
bahiḥ outwardly; SB 3.23.49
bahiḥ without; SB 3.26.18
bahiḥ external; SB 3.26.34
bahiḥ on the outside; SB 3.26.52
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.31.8
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.31.19
bahiḥ outside; SB 3.31.20
bahiḥ for what is outside; SB 3.32.42
bahiḥ-sthitam externally situated; SB 4.9.2
bahiḥ externally; SB 4.16.12
bahiḥ-kṛte being bereft of; SB 4.21.41
bahiḥ external; SB 4.22.27
bahiḥ and without; SB 4.24.40
bahiḥ outsiders; SB 4.24.55
bahiḥ and outside; SB 4.24.58
bahiḥ external; SB 4.24.59
bahiḥ outside; SB 4.29.8
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.1.32
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.1.33
bahiḥ-prāṇaḥ the external life air in the form of wealth and so on; SB 5.14.5
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.18.12
bahiḥ without; SB 5.18.26
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.20.13
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.20.18
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.20.29
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.20.42
antaḥ-bahiḥ-yogena by connection with the inner or outer circles; SB 5.23.3
bahiḥ outside; SB 5.26.4
bahiḥ externally; SB 5.26.14
bahiḥ external (since the cosmic manifestation is external to the spiritual world, the spiritual world existed when there was no material world); SB 6.4.47
bahiḥ externally; SB 6.8.34
bahiḥ api externally also; SB 6.9.42
bahiḥ externally; SB 6.14.23
bahiḥ outside; SB 6.16.23
bahiḥ outside; SB 6.18.50
bahiḥ outside the home; SB 7.3.36
bahiḥ external sense objects; SB 7.5.31
bahiḥ vicintya considering to be external; SB 7.9.34
bahiḥ externally; SB 7.15.57
bahiḥ outside; SB 8.1.12
bahiḥ outside the water; SB 8.2.29
bahiḥ externally; SB 8.3.25
bahiḥ-antaḥ-āviḥ although fully aware, internally and externally; SB 8.5.31
bahiḥ-antaḥ-ātman O Supersoul of everyone, O constant internal and external witness; SB 8.6.14
bahiḥ outside of You; SB 8.12.5
bahiḥ outside; SB 8.15.23
bahiḥ outside; SB 9.3.4
bahiḥ-kṛtau who had been disallowed or excluded; SB 9.3.26
bahiḥ-indriyāṇi external senses; SB 9.6.51
bahiḥ-prakāśāḥ those who can see only the products of external energy; SB 9.8.22
bahiḥ utsṛṣṭe because of rejection; SB 9.22.8
antaḥ bahiḥ inside and outside; SB 10.1.4
bahiḥ antaram within the external and internal; SB 10.3.14
bahiḥ gantum to go outside; SB 10.3.47
bahiḥ-antaḥ-pura-dvāraḥ the doors inside and outside the house; SB 10.4.1
bahiḥ exterior; SB 10.9.13-14
bahiḥ ca antaḥ the external and the internal; SB 10.9.13-14
bahiḥ externally; SB 10.12.31
bahiḥ gateṣu having gone out; SB 10.12.32
labdha-bahiḥ-dṛśiḥ having revived his external sensory perception; SB 10.12.44
bahiḥ externally; SB 10.14.16
bahiḥ outside; SB 10.14.27
bahiḥ and externally; SB 10.30.4
bahiḥ and outside; SB 10.38.18
bahiḥ outside; SB 10.52.42
bahiḥ outside; SB 10.56.19
bahiḥ and without; SB 10.66.38
bahiḥ to the outside; SB 10.72.33
bahiḥ-kṛtaḥ excluded; SB 10.74.35
bahiḥ-kṛtam ostracized; SB 10.74.36
bahiḥ outside; SB 10.82.45
bahiḥ outwardly; SB 10.83.19
bahiḥ ca and external to them as well; SB 11.3.35
bahiḥ on its outside; SB 11.6.16
bahiḥ in external things; SB 11.7.17
bahiḥ outside; SB 11.8.23
bahiḥ outside; SB 11.9.13
bahiḥ external; SB 11.13.32
bahiḥ externally; SB 11.15.36
bahiḥ outside of urban areas, in a secluded place; SB 11.18.19
bahiḥ external; SB 11.22.42
bahiḥ in the external (sense gratification); SB 11.25.36
bahiḥ external; SB 11.26.34
bahiḥ outside; SB 11.29.6
bahiḥ externally; SB 11.29.12
bahiḥ externally; SB 12.6.67
bahiḥ externally; SB 12.9.13
bahiḥ outside; SB 12.9.30
bahiḥ outside; CC Adi 1.48
bahiḥ-vastu external things; CC Adi 1.97
bahiḥ-ańgā external; CC Adi 2.102
bahiḥ externally; CC Adi 3.81
bahiḥ externally; CC Adi 4.260
bahiḥ externally; CC Adi 8.58
bahiḥ-vāsa outer garments; CC Madhya 3.30
bahiḥ-mukha jana a person influenced by the external energy; CC Madhya 6.92
bahiḥ externally; CC Madhya 14.197
mahā bahiḥ-mukhe great offenders by dint of strong atheism; CC Madhya 17.143
bahiḥ outside; CC Madhya 22.48
bahiḥ externally; CC Madhya 22.76
bahiḥ outside; CC Madhya 25.130
bahiḥ outside; CC Antya 16.53
bahiḥ-dvāre outside the door; CC Antya 16.55