bahir-vāse in his outer wrapper; CC Madhya 4.139
bahir-vāsa outer garments; CC Madhya 7.36
bahir-vāsa external garments; CC Madhya 7.37
bahir-dvāre the outside door; CC Madhya 7.85
bahir-dvāre to the outside door; CC Madhya 7.87
bahir-vāsa the cloth of a sannyāsī; CC Madhya 10.160
bahir-dvāre outside the door; CC Madhya 12.162
bahir-mukha nondevotees; CC Madhya 12.184
bahir-mukha attracted by the external feature; CC Madhya 20.117
bahir-mukha averse; CC Madhya 22.12
kṛṣṇa-bahir-mukha of going against Kṛṣṇa consciousness; CC Madhya 24.136