balam strength; BG 1.10
balam strength; BG 1.10
balam strength; BG 7.11
balam strength; BG 16.18
balam false strength; BG 18.51-53
bālam boy; SB 1.7.36
bālam the child; SB 1.14.41
balam to render possible that which is impossible; SB 1.16.26-30
balam proper execution; SB 1.16.26-30
balam prowess; SB 1.18.35
balam ṛddha strength and riches; SB 1.19.3
balam strength; SB 2.5.26-29
balam bodily strength; SB 2.10.15
sva-yoga-māyā-balam potency of the internal energy; SB 3.2.12
balam great strength; SB 3.3.14
māyā-balam influence of external energy; SB 3.9.9
balam energy; SB 3.12.47
yogamāyā-balam whose strength is bewildering power; SB 3.18.4
balam power; SB 3.26.58
balam the strength; SB 3.31.38
bālām my daughter; SB 4.2.13
bālam her son; SB 4.8.15
bālam the boy; SB 4.8.39
bālam the boy Dhruva; SB 4.8.82
bālam the boy; SB 4.9.4
dviṣat-balam the soldiers of the enemy; SB 4.11.3
balam influence, army; SB 4.12.16
balam strength of the body; SB 4.18.15
balam strength; SB 4.22.44
yathā-balam befitting one's own strength; SB 4.22.50
bālām the young woman; SB 4.25.22
bṛhat-balam very powerful; SB 4.29.7
balam physical strength; SB 5.20.6
balam the strength; SB 5.24.16
bālām a young wife; SB 6.2.27
sura-balam the soldiers of the demigods; SB 6.10.26
balam army; SB 6.10.30
balam the strength of the body; SB 6.12.9
bālam the son; SB 6.14.38
bālam the son; SB 6.14.45
bālam the child; SB 6.14.47
bālam the child; SB 6.14.52
balam strength; SB 6.15.21-23
bālam the boy; SB 7.5.2
bālam the boy (Prahlāda Mahārāja); SB 7.5.20
balam strength; SB 7.8.7
yathā-balam as far as one can, according to one's ability; SB 7.12.13-14
yathā-balam according to his strength; SB 8.2.27
balam the strength; SB 8.5.34
balam strength; SB 8.5.37
balam ca as well as bodily strength; SB 8.5.41
dviṣat-balam the strength of the enemies; SB 8.10.46
balam strength; SB 8.15.27
māyā-balam the influence of the illusory energy; SB 8.16.18
balam the soldiers; SB 9.5.8
daiva-balam providential power; SB 9.6.29
balam is actual power; SB 9.6.29
balam bodily strength; SB 9.15.16
balam Bala; SB 9.24.46
bālam the child; SB 10.6.7
bālam ca the child also; SB 10.6.18
balam the power; SB 10.7.10
balam viduḥ will be known as Balarāma; SB 10.8.12
sa-balam along with His assistants, the cowherd boys; SB 10.12.14
balam Lord Baladeva; SB 10.15.30
balam Lord Balarāma; SB 10.18.32
sa-balam and Lord Balarāma; SB 10.19.8
balam and physical strength; SB 10.40.13-14
balam strength; SB 10.41.52
balam an armed force; SB 10.42.21
ati-balam the extremely powerful (elephant); SB 10.43.8
balam the strength; SB 10.44.18
bālam his child; SB 10.45.37
balam strength; SB 10.49.5-6
balam the military force; SB 10.50.5-6
balam army; SB 10.50.7-8
balam military force; SB 10.50.25-28
balam strong; SB 10.50.30
balam force; SB 10.50.42
balam the army; SB 10.52.5
balam his force; SB 10.52.14
balam the military strength; SB 10.52.41
balam to their strength; SB 10.53.35
bālām the young girl; SB 10.53.45
balam the army; SB 10.54.4
balam force; SB 10.54.5
bālam a child; SB 10.55.6
balam the physical strength; SB 10.56.26
balam the strength; SB 10.57.14
balam Balarāma; SB 10.61.27-28
balam Lord Balarāma; SB 10.61.27-28
balam at Lord Balarāma; SB 10.61.29
balam military force; SB 10.63.17
balam the military force; SB 10.63.48
balam military force; SB 10.66.17
balam Lord Balarāma; SB 10.67.14-15
balam Lord Balarāma; SB 10.67.17
balam to Lord Balarāma; SB 10.68.19
sama-balam equal in strength; SB 10.71.5
balam the army; SB 10.71.17
balam the army; SB 10.77.4
balam and physical strength; SB 10.85.8
balam and to Lord Balarāma; SB 10.85.55-56
balam strength of the body; SB 11.4.4
nārāyaṇa-balam about the strength of Lord Nārāyaṇa; SB 11.4.16
mat-yoga-balam My inconceivable mystic potency, by which I manifest innumerable forms; SB 11.15.22
balam bodily strength; SB 11.17.17
balam strength; SB 11.19.28-32
balam strength; SB 11.19.36-39
balam strength; SB 11.23.25
balam the strength; SB 11.25.19
mahā-balam balam Mahābala and Bala; SB 11.27.28
mahā-balam balam Mahābala and Bala; SB 11.27.28
balam strength; SB 12.2.1
balam strength; SB 12.2.2
balam the strength; CC Madhya 21.100