balibhiḥ along with articles for worship; SB 1.11.15
balibhiḥ paraphernalia; SB 3.8.5
balibhiḥ auspicious presentations; SB 4.9.57
dīpa-balibhiḥ with lamps; SB 4.21.4
balibhiḥ by the powerful demigods and demons; SB 8.7.6
balibhiḥ by different types of worship through sacrifice; SB 10.2.10
upāhṛta-uru-balibhiḥ who brought all kinds of presentations to her; SB 10.4.9
balibhiḥ with presentations in their hands; SB 10.5.10
balibhiḥ all of whom were very strong and stout and who could therefore assemble the parts without difficulty; SB 10.7.12
balibhiḥ with gifts; SB 10.22.2-3
balibhiḥ and presentation of gifts; SB 10.35.20-21
balibhiḥ with those who are strong; SB 10.43.40
balibhiḥ and presents; SB 10.53.42-43
balibhiḥ and gifts; SB 10.53.47-48
balibhiḥ and offerings of tribute; SB 10.71.31-32
balibhiḥ powerful; MM 36