bhāvaiḥ by the states of being; BG 7.13
bhāvaiḥ naturally; SB 1.2.33
pṛthak bhāvaiḥ according to different processes of understanding; SB 3.32.26
bhāvaiḥ moods of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 5.9.20
bhāvaiḥ because of such differentiation; SB 10.4.27
pṛthak-bhāvaiḥ by each in a different loving attitude; SB 10.39.53-55
bhāvaiḥ with intentions; SB 10.63.27
bhāvaiḥ by objects; SB 11.7.43
tat-bhāvaiḥ by the alluring seductive activities of the woman; SB 11.8.7
bhāvaiḥ by ecstatic emotions; CC Antya 13.1
sevya-bhāvaiḥ and with the attitude of willing service; Bs 5.55