bhavat your good self; SB 1.13.10
bhavat present; SB 2.1.24
bhavat all that is being created; SB 2.5.3
bhavat and whatever was created in the past; SB 2.6.13-16
bhavat-chidam that which stops repetition of birth and death; SB 2.6.36
bhavat yourself; SB 2.6.43-45
bhavat present; SB 2.8.12
bhavat Your; SB 3.4.15
bhavat of You; SB 3.9.17
bhavat-vidhaḥ like your good self; SB 3.14.12
bhavat-udbhavena by Your appearance; SB 3.15.46
bhavat-vidheṣu unto persons like you; SB 3.21.24
bhavat-anugrahāt by Your grace; SB 3.25.30
bhavāt of Śiva; SB 4.4.1
bhavat you; SB 4.6.47
bhavat-prapannaḥ Lord Brahmā, who is surrendered unto You; SB 4.9.8
bhavat-jana from Your intimate devotees; SB 4.9.10
bhavat Your; SB 4.9.11
bhavat Your; SB 4.20.25
bhavat Your; SB 4.20.29
bhavat present; SB 4.29.2b
bhavat-prasańgānām of Your loving devotees; SB 4.30.33
arbha-bhāvāt from childhood; SB 5.1.26
bhavat-svabhāvānām who have attained Your qualities; SB 5.3.11
bhavat-niyama-anupathāḥ who are always obedient to your order; SB 5.10.4
bhavat-pāda-parāyaṇāt one who is wholly and solely engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord's lotus feet; SB 5.18.22
punaḥ-bhavāt which is liable to birth, death and old age; SB 5.19.23
bhavat-vidhānām like Your Lordship; SB 6.10.5
bhavat-vidhāḥ like you; SB 7.10.11
bhavat-vidhaḥ like you; SB 8.15.29
bhavat-vipakṣeṇa simply going against You; SB 8.22.8
ghora-tamāt bhāvāt from the most ghastly contemplation of how to kill his sister; SB 10.2.23
bhavat-pada-ambhoruha Your lotus feet; SB 10.2.31
asta-bhāvāt speculating in various ways but not knowing or desiring more information of Your lotus feet; SB 10.2.32
bhavat-hetoḥ because of Your appearance; SB 10.3.29
bhavat-vraje in your house; SB 10.5.27
apṛthak-bhāvāt because of not being separated from you; SB 10.8.12
bhavat-tanūnām who are nondifferent from You; SB 10.10.38
jña-bhāvāt from knowledge; SB 10.14.26
bhavat or Your; SB 10.14.30
bhavat Your; SB 10.23.30
bhavat Your; SB 10.31.6
bhavat-āyuṣām of those of whom Your Lordship is the very life; SB 10.31.19
bhavat Your; SB 10.40.28
bhavat-antike in your presence; SB 10.45.4
bhavat present; SB 10.46.43
bhavat-vidhāḥ like your good self; SB 10.48.30
bhavat Your; SB 10.52.43
bhavat Your; SB 10.60.39
bhavat Your; SB 10.64.25
bhavat Your; SB 10.69.38
bhavat of You; SB 10.70.26
bhavat of You; SB 10.70.31
bhavat Your; SB 10.84.26
bhavat from You; SB 10.87.32
bhavat Your; SB 10.87.35
bhavat from You; SB 10.87.40
bhavat in You; SB 10.87.41
bhavat your; SB 10.89.10-11
ātma-bhāvāt by thinking to be the self; SB 11.2.33
bhāvāt from a thing; SB 11.26.23
bhavat of You; SB 11.27.1
bhavat your good self; CC Adi 1.63
bhavat-āyuṣām of those of whom Your Lordship is the very life; CC Adi 4.173
bhavat-kińkarīḥ Your servants; CC Adi 6.67
bhavat-āyuṣām of persons who consider You as the duration of life; CC Madhya 8.219
bhavat your good self; CC Madhya 10.12
bhavat-āyuṣām of those of whom Your Lordship is the very life; CC Madhya 18.65
bhavat-vidhāḥ like you; CC Madhya 20.57
bhavat-nidhanāḥ whose conclusion is in You; CC Madhya 21.15
bhavat of You; CC Madhya 22.6
asta-bhāvāt without devotion; CC Madhya 22.30
asta-bhāvāt without devotion; CC Madhya 24.131
asta-bhāvāt without devotion; CC Madhya 24.141
asta-bhāvāt without devotion; CC Madhya 25.32
bhavat present; CC Madhya 25.37
bhavat-prasādam Your mercy; CC Antya 4.63
bhavat-āyuṣām of those of whom Your Lordship is the very life; CC Antya 7.40
bhavat Your; MM 3