vigata-bhīḥ devoid of fear; BG 6.13-14
vyapeta-bhīḥ free from all fear; BG 11.49
bhīḥ api even fear personified; SB 1.8.31
gata-bhīḥ freed from fear; SB 6.2.22
gata-bhīḥ all his fear disappeared; SB 10.3.12
catuḥ-mukuṭa-koṭi-bhiḥ with the tips of his four crowns; SB 10.13.62
mantri-bhiḥ with advisers; SB 10.69.27
bhīḥ fear; SB 11.2.33
bhīḥ fear; SB 11.25.2-5
bhīḥ fear; SB 11.29.37
mā bhīḥ do not be afraid; MM 10