bhītāḥ out of fear; BG 11.21
bhīta-bhītaḥ fearful; BG 11.35
bhītaḥ being afraid of; SB 1.9.1
bhītaḥ being greatly afraid after the Battle of Kurukṣetra; SB 1.12.34
bhītāḥ being fearful; SB 3.17.15
bhītāḥ frightened; SB 3.17.22
bhītaḥ being afraid; SB 3.20.24
bhītāḥ fearful; SB 3.29.41
bhītāḥ fearful; SB 3.29.42
bhītaḥ frightened; SB 3.31.11
bhītāḥ being afraid; SB 4.30.47
bhīta-bhītaḥ in great fear; SB 5.8.22
gaja-bhītaḥ being afraid of the elephant of death; SB 5.13.18
bhītaḥ being afraid (that the demons would gain strength by being blessed by Viśvarūpa); SB 6.9.4
bhītaḥ being afraid; SB 6.13.4
bhītaḥ being afraid; SB 7.5.50
bhītāḥ afraid; SB 7.7.4-5
bhītaḥ being afraid; SB 7.8.2
nirhrāda-bhītāḥ frightened by Nṛsiṃhadeva's roaring; SB 7.8.32
tat-sańga-bhītaḥ being afraid of such material association; SB 7.10.2
bhītāḥ being very much afraid; SB 8.7.19
bhītaḥ being afraid; SB 8.22.10
bhītāḥ fearing; SB 9.2.4
bhītaḥ being afraid; SB 9.2.7
bhītaḥ full of fear; SB 9.4.49
bhītaḥ fearing; SB 9.13.19
mṛtyu-vyāla-bhītaḥ afraid of the serpent of death; SB 10.3.27
bhītāḥ we are very much afraid; SB 10.4.34
bhītāḥ fearful; SB 10.16.11
bhītaḥ afraid; SB 10.17.12
bhītāḥ afraid; SB 10.19.8
bhītāḥ afraid; SB 10.23.52
bhītāḥ being afraid; SB 10.31.19
bhītāḥ afraid; SB 10.36.5
bhītaḥ afraid; SB 10.39.17-18
bhītaḥ afraid; SB 10.42.26-27
bhītaḥ frightened; SB 10.57.11
bhītaḥ afraid; SB 10.59.31
bhītāḥ frightened; SB 10.61.38
bhītāḥ frightened; SB 10.62.7
bhītaḥ frightened; SB 10.63.24
bhītāḥ afraid; SB 10.70.25
bhītaḥ afraid; SB 10.83.9
bhītaḥ afraid; SB 11.30.34
bhītāḥ being afraid; CC Adi 4.173
bhītāḥ being afraid of; CC Madhya 8.219
bhītāḥ being afraid; CC Madhya 18.65
bhava-bhītāḥ those who are afraid of material existence; CC Madhya 19.96
bhītāḥ being afraid; CC Antya 7.40