agra-bhuk one who eats before; SB 1.15.11
sāra-bhuk one who accepts the substance; SB 1.18.7
vyakta-bhuk controlling all physical movement; SB 3.11.3
aviśeṣa-bhuk passing through the nondual exhibition; SB 3.11.4
huta-bhuk the sacrificial fire; SB 3.16.8
bhuk eating; SB 3.27.8
bhuk eating; SB 3.30.10
piṣṭa-bhuk eating flour; SB 4.7.4
sarva-bhāga-bhuk the enjoyer of the results of all sacrifices; SB 4.7.49
vanya-bhuk eating whatever is available in the forest; SB 4.8.56
yajña-bhuk the Lord, the enjoyer of the sacrifice; SB 4.13.32
agra-bhuk the enjoyer of the first oblations; SB 4.14.28
yajña-bhuk the enjoyer of the yajña; SB 4.20.1
madhu-bhuk enjoying sex life; SB 4.27.18
phala-bhuk the enjoyer of the fruits; SB 6.19.12
guṇa-bhuk the enjoyer of the qualities; SB 6.19.13
huta-bhuk the enjoyer of the sacrifice; SB 6.19.26-28
mita-bhuk eating only exactly what he needs, neither more nor less; SB 7.12.6
diṣṭa-bhuk because of destiny; SB 7.13.39
sarva-yajña-bhuk the enjoyer of the results of all kinds of sacrifices; SB 7.14.17
yajña-bhuk the enjoyer of the fruits resulting from sacrifice; SB 9.5.5
yajña-bhuk the enjoyer of the results of sacrifice; SB 9.17.4
agra-bhuk enjoying in spite of your elder brother's being present; SB 9.22.11
yajña-bhuk bāla-keliḥ although He accepts offerings in yajña, for the sake of childhood pastimes He was enjoying foodstuffs very jubilantly with His cowherd boyfriends; SB 10.13.11
bhuk the sufferer of the reaction; SB 10.54.38
huta-bhuk the fire (of universal annihilation); SB 10.66.17
bhuk eating; SB 11.8.3
mita-bhuk eating austerely; SB 11.11.29-32
viṭ-bhuk as a stool-eating worm; SB 11.27.54
bhuk eating; SB 11.29.41-44
mita-bhuk eating only as much as required; CC Madhya 22.78-80
sva-karma-phala-bhuk sure to accept the resultant action of his fruitive activities; CC Antya 2.163