bṛhat-sāma the Bṛhat-sāma; BG 10.35
bṛhat-śravāḥ greatly respected; SB 1.5.1
bṛhat-śravāḥ highly famous; SB 1.17.43-44
bṛhat highly; SB 1.18.46
bṛhat great; SB 2.2.28
bṛhat complete abstinence from sex life; SB 3.12.42
bṛhat large; SB 3.15.20
bṛhat-śravāḥ of wide fame; SB 3.17.28
bṛhat full grown; SB 3.20.36
bṛhat-bāhuḥ the mighty-armed; SB 4.10.6
bṛhat-śroṇiḥ thick waist; SB 4.21.16
bṛhat-śravāḥ whose activities were great; SB 4.25.10
bṛhat-vratam avowed brahmacārī; SB 4.27.21
bṛhat-balam very powerful; SB 4.29.7
bṛhat great; SB 4.29.49
bṛhat-ślokena decorated with all the high qualities described by poets; SB 5.4.2
bṛhat big; SB 5.12.10
bṛhat very big; SB 5.20.29
bṛhat tat that ultimate cause; SB 6.4.32
bṛhat-vadhāt due to killing a brāhmaṇa; SB 6.13.4
bṛhat greater than the greatest; SB 7.3.32
bṛhat-vrataḥ invariably observing the vow of celibacy; SB 7.12.7
bṛhat-vratāḥ have taken the vow of celibacy; SB 7.12.12
bṛhat great; SB 7.15.41
bṛhat-vratāḥ all of them absolutely brahmacārī; SB 8.21.1
bṛhat the Supreme Brahman; SB 9.4.37
bṛhat Vedic knowledge; SB 9.16.25
bṛhat-kapāṭa and on great doors; SB 10.3.47
bṛhat vanam the great forest; SB 10.5.26
bṛhat very, very big; SB 10.6.4
bṛhat-calat-śroṇī-bhara-ākrānta-gatiḥ being overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed; SB 10.9.10
bṛhat vapuḥ a very, very large body; SB 10.12.16
bṛhat-śirāḥ which had a large top; SB 10.15.33
bṛhat-vapuḥ in His huge form; SB 10.24.35
bṛhat broad; SB 10.31.17
bṛhat mighty; SB 10.38.28-33
bṛhat large; SB 10.39.49-50
bṛhat immense; SB 10.41.20-23
bṛhat large; SB 10.42.8
bṛhat mighty; SB 10.62.14
bṛhat mighty; SB 10.62.29-30
bṛhat huge; SB 10.71.17
bṛhat immense; SB 10.79.3-4
bṛhat as the Supreme; SB 10.87.15
bṛhat huge; SB 10.89.52
bṛhat large; SB 10.90.10
sāmbaḥ madhuḥ bṛhat-bhānuḥ Sāmba, Madhu and Bṛhadbhānu; SB 10.90.33-34
bṛhat large; SB 11.10.9
bṛhat-vrataḥ observing the powerful vow of perpetual celibacy; SB 11.17.31
bṛhat-vrata that great vow of perpetual celibacy; SB 11.17.36
bṛhat the Absolute Truth; SB 11.24.3
bṛhat great; SB 11.24.16
bṛhat mighty; SB 11.26.4
bṛhat-vrata the great vow of lifelong celibacy; SB 12.8.7-11
bṛhat-vrata-dharaḥ maintaining the vow of celibacy, brahmacarya; SB 12.8.13
bṛhat-vrata of the vow of lifelong celibacy; SB 12.9.3
bṛhat-vastu the substance, which is greater than the greatest; CC Adi 7.138
bṛhat great; CC Adi 17.90
bṛhat-vastu the greatest; CC Madhya 6.139
sarva-bṛhat-tama the summum bonum among relative truths; CC Madhya 24.71