Chapter 2: Contents of the Gītā Summarized

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.35

bhayād raṇād uparataḿ

maḿsyante tvāḿ mahā-rathāḥ

yeṣāḿ ca tvaḿ bahu-mato

bhūtvā yāsyasi lāghavam


bhayāt — out of fear; raṇāt — from the battlefield; uparatam — ceased; maḿsyante — they will consider; tvām — you; mahā-rathāḥ — the great generals; yeṣām — for whom; ca — also; tvam — you; bahu-mataḥin great estimation; bhūtvā — having been; yāsyasi — you will go; lāghavam — decreased in value.


The great generals who have highly esteemed your name and fame will think that you have left the battlefield out of fear only, and thus they will consider you insignificant.


Lord Kṛṣṇa continued to give His verdict to Arjuna: "Do not think that the great generals like Duryodhana, Karṇa, and other contemporaries will think that you have left the battlefield out of compassion for your brothers and grandfather. They will think that you have left out of fear for your life. And thus their high estimation of your personality will go to hell."

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