cakram cycle; BG 3.16
cakram a vicious circle; SB 1.15.37
cakram circle; SB 2.2.24
cakram whirlpool; SB 2.3.12
cakram the Sudarśana wheel of the Lord; SB 2.7.20
eka-cakrām by one military force; SB 3.1.20
cakram whose discus; SB 3.19.6
cakram cycle; SB 3.31.20
cakram encirclement; SB 4.9.20-21
cakram sphere; SB 4.12.39
cakram disc; SB 4.15.9-10
sudarśanam cakram Sudarśana disc; SB 4.15.16
cakram the circle of influence; SB 4.16.14
dvi-cakram two wheels; SB 4.26.1-3
cakram wheel or orbit; SB 5.20.30
cakram wheel; SB 5.21.13
ravi-ratha-cakram the wheel of the chariot of the sun-god; SB 5.21.13
kāla-cakram the wheel of eternal time; SB 6.5.19
cakram the disc of the Lord; SB 6.8.23
saṃsāra-cakram the wheel of repeated birth and death in different species of life; SB 7.9.21
upātta-cakram wielding His disc; SB 8.3.32
cakram the wheel (the cycle of birth and death in this material world); SB 8.5.28
nakra-cakram all the alligators in the water; SB 8.7.13
cakram the disc; SB 8.20.30
cakram disc; SB 8.22.34
cakram His disc; SB 9.4.28
cakram the disc; SB 9.4.48
viṣṇu-cakram the disc weapon of Lord Viṣṇu; SB 9.5.12
cakram the mark of Kṛṣṇa's disc; SB 9.20.23
cakram soldiers or orders; SB 9.20.32
cakram soldiers or orders; SB 9.20.33
jyotiḥ-cakram the planetary systems; SB 10.8.37-39
alāta-cakram a burning torch whirled around to make a circle of fire; SB 10.50.23
cakram the whole circle; SB 10.51.51
cakram the circle; SB 10.53.56
cakram His disc; SB 10.66.38
cakram the disc; SB 10.66.39
cakram the disc; SB 10.66.41
cakram the disc; SB 10.66.42
cakram Cakra-tīrtha; SB 10.78.19-20
cakram disc weapon; SB 10.89.48-49
alāta-cakram just like the moving red line created by whirling a fiery stick; SB 11.13.34
cakram the cycle; SB 11.23.42