cakṣuḥ eyes; BG 5.27-28
cakṣuḥ eyes; BG 11.8
cakṣuḥ eyes; BG 15.9
cakṣuḥ eyes; SB 1.13.29
cakṣuḥ of eyes (senses); SB 2.1.30
cakṣuḥ the eyes; SB 2.6.3
cakṣuḥ the eyes; SB 2.10.21
sva-cakṣuḥ personal plan; SB 3.5.51
cakṣuḥ-mat as if possessed of eyes; SB 3.23.19
cakṣuḥ eye; SB 3.25.8
cakṣuḥ eye; SB 3.25.9
cakṣuḥ sense of sight; SB 3.26.38
cakṣuḥ the sense of sight; SB 3.26.48
cakṣuḥ the sense of sight; SB 3.26.55
asat-cakṣuḥ the eye (revealer) of the illusory energy; SB 3.27.11
cakṣuḥ named Cakṣuḥ; SB 4.13.15-16
cakṣuḥ Cakṣu; SB 5.17.5
cakṣuḥ the branch known as Cakṣu; SB 5.17.7
cakṣuḥ the eyes; SB 6.3.16
cakṣuḥ eye; SB 8.1.11
cakṣuḥ eye; SB 8.5.36
cakṣuḥ the eyes; SB 8.12.17
cakṣuḥ the eye of knowledge; SB 8.22.5
cakṣuḥ Cakṣu; SB 9.23.1
cakṣuḥ-śravāḥ Kāliya; SB 10.16.8
cakṣuḥ eyes; SB 10.39.21
cakṣuḥ eye; SB 10.70.46
cakṣuḥ eye; SB 10.80.4
cakṣuḥ sight; SB 11.3.36
cakṣuḥ the eye; SB 11.14.26
cakṣuḥ the eyes; SB 11.15.20
cakṣuḥ is the eye; SB 11.20.4
cakṣuḥ the eyes (described in the previous verse); SB 11.22.32
cakṣuḥ a perceiving eye; SB 12.4.24
cakṣuḥ the eye; SB 12.4.33
śāstra-cakṣuḥ expert in the authoritative scriptures; CC Madhya 23.72
cakṣuḥ the eye; Bs 5.52