catur-bhujaḥ the four-handed form of Nārāyaṇa (the worshipable Deity of Bhīṣmadeva); SB 1.9.24
catur-bhuje unto the four-handed original Nārāyaṇa; SB 1.9.30
catur-yuga four yugas (Satya, Tretā, Dvāpara and Kali); SB 9.3.32
catur-bhujaḥ displaying four arms; SB 10.60.26
catur-vyūhera of the quadruple expansions; CC Adi 5.40
catur-bhuja four hands; CC Adi 6.32
catur-diśe in all directions; CC Adi 9.30
catur-bhuja four-armed; CC Adi 17.286
catur-bhuja four-armed; CC Adi 17.290
cātur-māsya the four months for vows; CC Madhya 4.169
catur-bhuja four-handed; CC Madhya 6.202
catur-bhuja-rūpa the form with four hands; CC Madhya 6.203
catur-bhuja four-handed; CC Madhya 9.64
catur-bhuja-mūrti four-handed form; CC Madhya 9.149
catur-māsa four months; CC Madhya 9.167
catur-bhuja-mūrti four-armed form; CC Madhya 10.33
catur-daśa fourteen; CC Madhya 11.217
catur-dik all around; CC Madhya 12.121
catur-bhuja four-handed; CC Madhya 20.175
catur-bhuja haile when He becomes four-handed; CC Madhya 20.176
ādi-catur-vyūha the original quadruple group; CC Madhya 20.189
catur-vyūha-gaṇera of the quadruple expansions; CC Madhya 20.189
catur-vyūha the quadruple expansions; CC Madhya 20.192
catur-vyūha-parakāśa manifestation of quadruple expansions; CC Madhya 20.193
catur-bhuja four-handed; CC Madhya 21.22
catur-mukha four-headed; CC Madhya 21.61
catur-mukha brahmā the four-faced Lord Brahmā of this universe; CC Madhya 21.69
catur-mukha brahmāra of the four-headed Brahmā of this universe; CC Madhya 21.81
catur-vyūha His quadruple form; CC Madhya 22.9
catur-vidha four divisions; CC Madhya 23.63