cetasaḥ their hearts; BG 1.37-38
prasanna-cetasaḥ of the happy-minded; BG 2.65
cetasaḥ whose wisdom; BG 4.23
yukta-cetasaḥ their minds engaged in Me; BG 7.30
viśuddha-cetasaḥ of one whose mind is purified; SB 1.5.25
cetasaḥ by the heart; SB 1.7.24
druta-cetasaḥ melted heart; SB 1.10.13
cetasaḥ either by the mind; SB 1.17.23
cetasaḥ their thoughts; SB 3.25.23
cetasaḥ of consciousness; SB 3.26.22
śuddha-cetasaḥ of purified consciousness; SB 3.32.5
cetasaḥ those whose minds; SB 4.2.6
cetasaḥ in the heart; SB 4.24.19
cetasaḥ his heart; SB 4.27.5
cetasaḥ consciousness; SB 4.27.12
cetasaḥ whose consciousness; SB 4.29.39-40
cetasaḥ whose hearts; SB 5.1.5
kautūhala-cetasaḥ whose mind is very inquisitive to understand the mystery of such statements; SB 5.12.3
eka-cetasaḥ all being of the same opinion; SB 6.5.21
dāruṇa-cetasaḥ being very hardhearted; SB 6.14.43
unnaddha-cetasaḥ whose mind is unrestrained; SB 6.18.26
apahṛta-cetasaḥ unconscious; SB 6.18.61
cetasaḥ their hearts; SB 7.2.58
vimukha-cetasaḥ the fools and rascals who are bereft of Kṛṣṇa consciousness; SB 7.9.43
cetasaḥ their minds; SB 8.8.9
pratyupalabdha-cetasaḥ being enlivened again by revival of their consciousness; SB 8.11.1
muṣita-cetasaḥ their hearts are bewildered; SB 8.12.10
hṛta-cetasaḥ their consciousness having been taken away; SB 9.8.11
cetasaḥ the core of whose heart; SB 9.8.22
cetasaḥ the cores of whose hearts; SB 9.8.25
gṛha-cetasaḥ who are attached to materialistic household life; SB 9.11.17
saṃvṛta-cetasaḥ those whose intelligence is covered by such illusory energy; SB 10.2.28
mūḍha-cetasaḥ foolish persons; SB 10.4.45
sandigdha-cetasaḥ became doubtful about what could be done (because Gargamuni had predicted that this child would be equal to Nārāyaṇa); SB 10.11.5
cetasaḥ whose minds; SB 10.14.44
cetasaḥ their consciousness; SB 10.15.49-50
cetasaḥ their minds; SB 10.18.31
adhokṣaja-cetasaḥ those whose minds are absorbed in the Supreme Lord; SB 10.20.15
cetasaḥ whose hearts; SB 10.20.45
kṛṣṇa-cetasaḥ their minds absorbed in Kṛṣṇa; SB 10.22.5
cetasaḥ their minds; SB 10.22.13
cetasaḥ whose intelligence; SB 10.27.8
cetasaḥ in their minds; SB 10.34.19
cetasaḥ whose minds; SB 10.35.1
cetasaḥ their minds; SB 10.35.4-5
cetasaḥ whose minds; SB 10.35.8-11
cetasaḥ of the heart; SB 10.38.18
cetasaḥ whose hearts; SB 10.41.28
cetasaḥ whose minds; SB 10.53.51-55
cetasaḥ whose mind; SB 10.55.6
cetasaḥ whose hearts; SB 10.68.53
cetasaḥ whose minds; SB 10.80.30
cetasaḥ whose intent; SB 10.82.41
cetasaḥ their hearts; SB 10.84.57-58
cetasaḥ whose minds; SB 10.90.46
cetasaḥ her mind; SB 11.8.27
sama-cetasaḥ whose consciousness is equal everywhere; SB 11.14.13
anurakta-cetasaḥ mind constantly attached; SB 11.14.17
cetasaḥ awareness; SB 11.25.18
cetasaḥ my consciousness; SB 11.26.7
sarpa-cetasaḥ who is thinking it to be a snake; SB 11.26.17
cetasaḥ their intelligence; SB 12.3.43
hṛta-cetasaḥ devoid of material consciousness; CC Madhya 24.178