citta-ātmā mind and intelligence; BG 4.21
yata-citta-ātmā always careful in mind; BG 6.10
yata-citta controlling the mind; BG 6.11-12
citta by anxieties; BG 16.16
citta-tanvoḥ in both mind and body; SB 3.15.43
citta the mind; SB 3.28.34
citta whose minds; SB 4.17.36
sama-citta in one who is equipoised; SB 4.20.16
citta of consciousness; SB 4.29.63
citta of consciousness; SB 4.31.11
citta of the heart; SB 5.17.19
yata-citta-indriya controlling the mind and senses; SB 6.2.35
citta-jñaḥ who can understand the hearts; SB 6.4.42
citta-vijaye conquering the mind; SB 7.15.30
citta-jñā understanding the mind of her husband; SB 9.3.10
citta by consciousness; SB 10.44.15
citta (Akrūra's) heart; SB 10.57.35-36
dīna-cittā of crippled intelligence; SB 11.7.66
citta within the mind; SB 11.13.26
citta the mind; SB 11.15.8-9
citta of consciousness; SB 11.19.40-45
citta-yuktam along with consciousness (implying not only conditioned consciousness together with the object of that consciousness and the presiding Deity Vāsudeva, but also the mind together with the object of thought and the moon-god Candra, intelligence with the object of intelligence and Lord Brahmā, and false ego together with the identification of false ego and Lord Rudra); SB 11.22.32
citta-jāḥ manifest within the mind; SB 11.25.12
citta-jāḥ which are manifested from the mind; SB 11.25.32
citta-sthaḥ situated within the heart; SB 12.3.45
citta-guhāra of the core of the heart; CC Adi 1.101
citta the mind; CC Adi 2.118
citta mind; CC Adi 4.71
citta-prāṇa mind and heart; CC Adi 4.245
citta the consciousness; CC Adi 7.87
citta consciousness; CC Adi 7.99
citta consciousness; CC Madhya 2.30
citta-hara the enchanter of the mind; CC Madhya 2.68
sarva-citta all hearts; CC Madhya 2.85
citta haya there is a desire; CC Madhya 2.89
citta mind; CC Madhya 3.126
citta-bhṛńgaḥ my consciousness, like a honeybee; CC Madhya 6.255
citta-mana the mind and intention; CC Madhya 7.71
citta-ākarṣaka the attractor of the minds; CC Madhya 8.139
citta of hearts; CC Madhya 8.143
citta-jatunī the two minds like shellac; CC Madhya 8.195
citta hearts; CC Madhya 9.127
citta in the heart; CC Madhya 10.119
sva-citta-vat like His own heart; CC Madhya 12.1
citta kāḍhi' withdrawing the consciousness; CC Madhya 13.140
citta-mana mind and consciousness; CC Madhya 13.174
citta thought; CC Madhya 15.109
citta heart; CC Madhya 15.164
citta the heart; CC Madhya 16.174
citta-tanvoḥ of the mind and body; CC Madhya 17.142
citta-mohinī the attractor of the mind; CC Madhya 17.212
citta-hārī the stealer of the hearts; CC Madhya 17.214
citta heart; CC Madhya 18.186
citta consciousness; CC Madhya 21.18
citta haila there was a desire; CC Madhya 21.75
citta-bhrama mental concoction; CC Madhya 21.145
citta of the heart; CC Madhya 23.5
citta-tanvoḥ of the mind and body; CC Madhya 24.45
citta-tanvoḥ in both the mind and body; CC Madhya 24.115
citta-baḍiśam with the heart like a fishing hook; CC Madhya 24.157
citta-tanvoḥ of the mind and the body; CC Madhya 25.158
citta-bhūmim within the heart; CC Antya 1.145
citta-karṇera of the heart and the ear; CC Antya 1.194
citta heart; CC Antya 2.85
citta the heart; CC Antya 2.96
su-prasanna citta being in a happy mood; CC Antya 2.165
citta consciousness; CC Antya 3.252-253
citta heart; CC Antya 6.201
mora citta my consciousness; CC Antya 6.275
citta desire; CC Antya 11.107
sarva-citta-jñātā one who knows the heart of everyone; CC Antya 13.110
citta the hearts; CC Antya 15.14
tāra citta their consciousness; CC Antya 15.19
citta hearts; CC Antya 17.46
citta-śuddhi cleansing of the heart; CC Antya 20.13
citta O mind; MM 9
citta of your mind; MM 23