daiva-tantram enchantment of providence only; SB 1.9.17
daiva-bhūta-ātma all due to the body, supernatural power and other living beings; SB 1.10.6
daiva supernatural; SB 3.3.23
daiva-adhīnaḥ controlled by supernatural force; SB 3.3.23
daiva-karma-ātma-rūpiṇaḥ of the gigantic form of transcendental work, time and nature; SB 3.6.35
daiva superhuman; SB 3.9.10
daiva-coditāt impelled by superior authority; SB 3.20.13
daiva-yogena with the energy of the Supreme Lord; SB 3.20.14
daiva-īritāt according to destiny; SB 3.26.38
daiva-coditāt under a superior arrangement; SB 3.26.41
daiva-coditāt by a superior arrangement; SB 3.26.44
daiva-vaśāt according to destiny; SB 3.28.37
daiva-vaśa-gaḥ under the control of the Personality of Godhead; SB 3.28.38
daiva-netreṇa under the supervision of the Lord; SB 3.31.1
daiva by the authority of the Lord; SB 3.31.42
daiva by the Lord; SB 3.33.29
daiva-tamasya of the most respectable demigod (Lord Śiva); SB 4.4.28
daiva by providence; SB 4.6.47
daiva-balāt by providence; SB 4.6.48
daiva destiny; SB 4.8.29
daiva by destiny; SB 4.8.33
daiva-hatam that which is thwarted by providence; SB 4.19.34
daiva-saṃjñitaiḥ arranged by superior authority; SB 4.21.51
daiva by providence; SB 4.29.23-25
daiva providence; SB 4.29.32
daiva by the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 4.30.49
daiva-muktasya by chance having escaped; SB 5.9.13
daiva-gatim spiritual power; SB 7.10.63
daiva-tantraiḥ under the control of superior power; SB 7.13.30
daiva by the grace of the Lord; SB 7.14.10
daiva-upapannena obtainable very easily by the grace of the Lord; SB 7.15.11
daiva-coditaḥ inspired by providence; SB 8.2.27
daiva the demigods; SB 8.10.5
daiva-yogena by some superior force; SB 8.11.33
daiva-prahitaḥ being inspired by the Supreme Lord; SB 8.20.14
daiva-coditā as if impelled by providence; SB 9.3.4
kula-daiva-hetave for the good fortune of the dynasty; SB 9.5.9
daiva-balam providential power; SB 9.6.29
daiva-upahṛtam brought about by providential arrangements; SB 9.18.23
daiva-coditam impelled by accident or deliberation; SB 10.1.42
daiva-nisṛṣṭena as spoken by destiny; SB 10.4.5
daiva-adhīnāḥ who are under the control of providence; SB 10.4.18
daiva by the mystic potency of the Personality of Godhead; SB 10.15.49-50
daiva-adhīnam the control of destiny; SB 10.20.12
daiva by Providence; SB 10.36.39
daiva by fate; SB 10.45.4
daiva with fate; SB 10.54.14
daiva by fate; SB 10.59.34
daiva of fate; SB 10.82.20
daiva by fate; SB 10.89.41
daiva of fate; SB 11.7.37
daiva of one's previous fruitive activities; SB 11.11.10
daiva of destiny; SB 11.13.36
daiva of the Supreme; SB 11.13.37
daiva of the supreme power of God; SB 11.18.33
daiva divine; CC Adi 3.87
daiva-paratantra under the spell of māyā; CC Adi 12.9
daiva-yoge accidentally; CC Adi 13.20
daiva transcendental; CC Adi 14.88
daiva Providence; CC Madhya 15.267