dāra wife; BG 13.8-12
dāra-hartuḥ of the one who kidnapped the wife; SB 2.7.25
guru-dāra of the wife of his father; SB 4.12.42
dāra wife; SB 4.25.6
dāra to the wife; SB 5.1.4
dara-vara by a conchshell; SB 5.3.3
ari-dara by the disc and conchshell; SB 5.7.7
suta-dāra-vatsalaḥ being attached to the children and wife; SB 5.13.18
dāra-apatya-ādayaḥ beginning with the wife and children; SB 5.14.3
para-dāra another's wife, or a woman other than his own wife; SB 5.14.22
suta-dāra-vatsalaḥ very affectionate to the children and wife; SB 5.14.32
dāra-sutān the wife and children or the most opulent family life; SB 5.14.43
dāra wife; SB 5.18.10
dāra-ādīn the wife and children; SB 5.26.9
dara conchshell; SB 6.8.12
dāra wife; SB 6.11.27
dāra wives; SB 7.7.44
dāra wife; SB 9.4.65
dāra and wife; SB 10.16.60
dāra wife; SB 10.23.27
dāra the wives; SB 10.33.26-27
dāra wife; SB 10.40.24
dāra wives; SB 10.51.47
dāra wife; SB 10.63.40
dāra with wives; SB 10.65.7
dara and conchshells; SB 10.70.20
dāra for wife; SB 10.84.38
dāra wife; SB 10.87.34
dāra wives; SB 10.89.28
dāra wife; SB 11.17.53
dāra-ādi-rūpiṇaḥ appearing in the form of his wife or other women and attractive objects; SB 11.18.14
dāra the wives; SB 12.1.39-40
dāra their wives; SB 12.2.8
dara His conchshell; SB 12.11.14-15
darā api even in a slight proportion; CC Madhya 2.45
dara-vṛtam covered; CC Madhya 14.189
dāra-sutān wife and children; CC Madhya 23.25
kare ḍara is afraid; CC Antya 6.23
dāra-sutān wife and children; CC Antya 6.137
ḍārā the throwing; CC Antya 9.98
ḍara fear; CC Antya 16.126
dāra wife; MM 13
dārā wife; MM 45