darśanam sights; BG 11.10-11
darśanam philosophy; BG 13.8-12
darśanam realization; SB 1.2.24
brahma-darśanam the process of seeing the Absolute; SB 1.3.33
darśanam philosophy; SB 1.5.8
darśanam sight; SB 1.6.33
darśanam meeting; SB 1.8.25
bhava-darśanam seeing repetition of birth and death; SB 1.8.25
darśanam in my view; SB 1.9.22
dūra-darśanam very rarely seen; SB 1.11.8
darśanam to look at; SB 1.12.8
darśanam meeting; SB 1.19.36
ātma-darśanam who manifests Himself; SB 3.20.25
darśanam sight; SB 3.21.13
darśanam who could show; SB 3.25.6
ātma-darśanam self-realization; SB 3.26.2
apīcya-darśanam very beautiful to see; SB 3.28.17
darśanam viewing; SB 3.31.45-46
brahma-darśanam self-realization; SB 3.32.23
sama-darśanam equipoised in vision; SB 3.32.25
darśanam revealing; SB 3.32.31
darśanam audience; SB 4.7.47
darśanam who met; SB 4.13.3
darśanam audience; SB 4.22.7
darśanam audience; SB 4.24.27
darśanam vision; SB 4.24.44
su-darśanam very beautiful; SB 4.24.51
priya-darśanam beautiful; SB 4.25.41
darśanam audience; SB 4.31.5
darśanam philosophy; SB 4.31.7
su-darśanam Sudarśana; SB 5.7.2
darśanam understanding; SB 6.16.63
sama-darśanam equal to everyone; SB 7.1.43
darśanam the audience; SB 7.3.21
mat-darśanam the seeing of Me (or offering of prayers to Me or hearing about Me, all of which are absolute); SB 7.4.25-26
darśanam seeing; SB 7.9.53
darśanam observation; SB 7.15.63
ātma-darśanam which helps self-realization; SB 9.6.54
darśanam meeting; SB 9.18.22
ātmani-darśanam with all the intelligence possible within himself; SB 10.1.52
priya-darśanam to see you again, my very dear friend and brother; SB 10.5.24
darśanam to see personally; SB 10.10.37
darśanam which directly experiences; SB 10.20.43
darśanam the audience; SB 10.38.4
darśanam the sight; SB 10.38.5
darśanam the sight; SB 10.39.7
darśanam the vision; SB 10.39.42-43
darśanam whose vision; SB 10.56.40-42
darśanam the appearance; SB 10.57.31
darśanam who shows; SB 10.58.8
cāru-darśanām charming to see; SB 10.58.17
darśanam the seeing; SB 10.58.22
darśanam the sight; SB 10.80.12-13
darśanam the sight; SB 10.84.9
darśanam the vision; SB 10.85.40
darśanam gataḥ have become visible; SB 10.86.31
darśanam vision; SB 10.86.44
darśanam the vision; SB 11.2.29
adbhuta-darśanam wonderful to behold; SB 11.6.5
sama-darśanam equal consciousness everywhere; SB 11.14.16
darśanam and seeing; SB 11.15.6-7
darśanam seeing; SB 11.19.27
sama-darśanam seeing the Supreme Lord everywhere; SB 11.19.36-39
darśanam sight; SB 11.22.15
darśanam the vision; SB 12.8.49
darśanam the sight; SB 12.9.5
darśanam the seeing; SB 12.10.19
darśanam to see; CC Madhya 20.61
acyuta-darśanam seeing of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 22.44