dehī the embodied; BG 2.22
dehī the owner of the material body; BG 2.30
dehī the embodied soul; BG 5.13
dehī the embodied; BG 14.20
dehi give; SB 3.17.27
dehī the embodied soul; SB 3.31.17
dehī the living entity; SB 3.31.30
dehī an embodied soul; SB 4.8.33
dehi kindly exhibit; SB 4.24.44
dehī the living entity; SB 4.29.23-25
dehī the embodied soul; SB 6.1.52
dehī a person who has accepted a material body; SB 6.15.7
dehi and the proprietor of the body; SB 6.15.8
dehī a living entity who has accepted a particular type of body; SB 7.7.47
dehī who is embodied; SB 8.2.31
dehi give; SB 8.24.20
dehi just give to Him (in charity); SB 9.3.33
dehi please deliver; SB 9.9.26-27
dehi and give; SB 9.18.38
dehi please give; SB 9.21.10
dehi give; SB 9.22.11
dehī the proprietor of the body, the living being; SB 10.1.39
dehī the living entity; SB 10.1.40
dehī the spirit soul who accepts such a body; SB 10.1.42
dehi give in charity; SB 10.11.18
dehī a human being; SB 10.14.55
dehi you should give; SB 10.17.18
dehi please give; SB 10.22.14
dehi please give; SB 10.22.15
dehi please grant; SB 10.29.38
dehi please give; SB 10.41.33
dehi please give; SB 10.42.2
dehi give; SB 10.43.4
dehi give; SB 10.66.6
dehi please give; SB 10.72.28
dehī the conditioned soul; SB 11.9.22
dehī the living entity within the material body; SB 11.10.35
dehī a human being; CC Madhya 20.162
deha-dehi-bheda the distinction between the body and the soul; CC Antya 5.121
deha-dehi-bheda distinction between the body and the soul; CC Antya 5.122
dehi of the embodied; CC Antya 5.123
dehi give; MM 36
dehī an embodied being; MM 53