devatāḥ the demigods; BG 4.12
devatāḥ demigods; BG 7.20
kṛṣṇa-devatāḥ those who are always rapt in the service of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa; SB 1.13.11
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 3.20.22
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 3.24.27
devatāḥ demigods; SB 4.3.4
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 4.13.25
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 4.13.26
śrāddha-devatāḥ the demigods presiding over śrāddha ceremonies in honor of deceased relatives; SB 4.18.18
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 5.4.1
dik-devatāḥ the demigods in charge of different directions, like the sun and the moon; SB 5.14.9
pākhaṇḍa-devatāḥ concocted incarnations of God (man-made gods or demigods); SB 5.14.29
bhṛgu-devatāḥ who are now strong devotees of Śukrācārya, the disciple of Bhṛgu; SB 6.7.23
devatāḥ and demigods; SB 7.14.37
pati-devatāḥ because their only worshipable object was their husband; SB 9.6.53
devatāḥ the demigods exist; SB 10.4.42
devatāḥ the presiding demigods; SB 10.23.10-11
devatāḥ and demigods; SB 10.70.12
devatāḥ demigods; SB 10.74.19
devatāḥ whose exclusive Deity; SB 10.82.11
kṛṣṇa-devatāḥ whose worshipable Deity was Kṛṣṇa; SB 10.84.70
devatāḥ deities; SB 10.89.14-17
devatāḥ other demigods; SB 11.6.2-4
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 11.10.23
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 11.21.29-30
devatāḥ to the demigods; SB 11.21.33-34
devatāḥ the demigods (who rule over the different senses within the body); SB 11.23.51
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 11.24.8
devatāḥ worshipable deities; SB 11.26.34
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 11.30.7
devatāḥ and the controlling demigods; SB 12.4.20-21
devatāḥ the demigods; SB 12.12.62
devatāḥ demigods; NBS 71