dharaṇī uvāca mother earth replied; SB 1.16.25
dharaṇī the earth; SB 4.17.14
dharaṇi-pālanāya with a view to ruling the world; SB 5.5.28
śiraḥ-dharāṇi necks; SB 9.5.8
dharaṇī the earth; SB 10.15.8
dharaṇi-dhara-indra like the king of the mountains, Sumeru; SB 10.18.26
dharaṇi of the earth; SB 10.31.13
dharaṇī the material planets; CC Adi 5.110
dharaṇī the planets; CC Adi 5.117
dharaṇī-upare on the surface of the earth; CC Madhya 3.166
dharaṇī the surface of the globe; CC Madhya 24.206