dhatte accepts; SB 1.2.23
dhatte is manifested; SB 1.10.25
dhatte eternally accepts; SB 1.15.35
dhatte take place; SB 1.19.14
dhatte accepts; SB 2.10.36
dhatte executes; SB 3.5.13
dhatte He assumes; SB 3.17.31
dhatte she inflicts; SB 3.27.24
dhatte has taken; SB 4.8.26
dhatte accept; SB 5.1.13
dhatte gives; SB 6.1.51
dhatte possesses; SB 6.8.32-33
dhatte accepts; SB 7.2.22
dhatte he assumes; SB 7.14.41
dhatte one possesses; SB 7.15.45
dhatte He performs; SB 8.1.13
dhatte He accepts; SB 8.5.22
tanūḥ dhatte accepts the forms of incarnations; SB 8.24.5
dhatte takes upon Himself; SB 10.74.3
dhatte manifests; SB 10.87.46
dhatte (the devotee) places; SB 11.4.10
dhatte He impregnates; SB 11.6.16
dhatte assumes its position; SB 11.22.17
dhatte gives; CC Antya 1.150