sthita-dhīḥ one fixed in Kṛṣṇa consciousness; BG 2.54
sthita-dhīḥ whose mind is steady; BG 2.56
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 1.19.3
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 2.2.2
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 2.2.13
udāra-dhīḥ with broader intelligence; SB 2.3.10
dhīḥ conscious; SB 2.7.42
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 3.2.10
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 3.4.16
dhīḥ, dhṛti, rasalā, umā, niyut, sarpiḥ, ilā, ambikā, irāvatī, svadhā, dīkṣā rudrāṇyaḥ the eleven Rudrāṇīs; SB 3.12.13
dhīḥ mind; SB 3.24.44
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 3.25.30
uda-dhiḥ the ocean; SB 3.29.42
dhīḥ his intelligence; SB 3.30.12
dhīḥ consciousness; SB 3.30.18
kṛpaṇa-dhīḥ person of miserly intelligence; SB 3.31.17
dhīḥ his intelligence; SB 3.31.37
dhīḥ her thoughts; SB 3.33.29
kṛta-dhīḥ having fixed his mind; SB 3.33.37
vipanna-dhīḥ intelligence being lost; SB 4.2.22
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 4.4.3
kṛta-dhīḥ although decided; SB 4.7.11
su-dhīḥ one who has come to his real senses; SB 4.7.12
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 4.12.4
udāra-dhīḥ liberal-minded; SB 4.13.37
manda-dhīḥ less intelligent; SB 4.17.24
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 4.20.32
anya-dhīḥ all other concepts of life (the bodily concept of life); SB 4.23.12
dhīḥ my intelligence; SB 4.25.5
dhīḥ one who considers; SB 4.25.6
iṣu-dhiḥ quiver; SB 4.26.1-3
kṛta-dhīḥ the determined King of the Yavanas; SB 4.28.22
dhīḥ he whose intelligence; SB 4.29.29
apāńga-viddha-dhīḥ his intelligence pierced by the lustful glance; SB 6.1.65
manda-dhīḥ bereft of all intelligence; SB 6.1.66
dhīḥ with my consciousness; SB 6.2.38
upārata-dhīḥ his mind and intelligence were fixed; SB 6.2.42
bhinna-dhīḥ whose intelligence is changed; SB 6.5.41
udāra-dhīḥ very broad-minded; SB 6.7.40
śānta-dhīḥ very peaceful; SB 6.17.36
dhīḥ and intelligence; SB 7.4.33
dhīḥ the intelligence; SB 7.5.7
ajaḍa-dhīḥ complete fearlessness; SB 7.5.46
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 7.7.17
dhīḥ mind; SB 7.13.39
gṛha-mūḍha-dhīḥ completely ignorant of the goal of life; SB 7.14.1
martya-asat-dhīḥ considers the spiritual master to be like an ordinary human being and maintains such an unfavorable attitude; SB 7.15.26
vaira-dhīḥ because of animosity; SB 8.9.26
aśaṭha-dhīḥ a great-minded person who is without duplicity; SB 8.22.23
andha-dhīḥ because of blind intelligence; SB 8.24.52
dhīḥ in such intelligence; SB 9.16.26
udāra-dhīḥ who was very magnanimous; SB 9.23.17
udāra-dhīḥ all fully qualified; SB 9.24.52
kṛta-dhīḥ with concentrated attention; SB 10.3.12
adhīra-dhīḥ have become more and more anxious; SB 10.3.29
aham-dhīḥ this is my interest (false ego); SB 10.4.26
prasakta-dhīḥ because of his being very much attached; SB 10.5.22
rajju-dhīḥ one who thinks a snake to be a rope; SB 10.6.8
udāra-dhīḥ because he was always liberal and simple; SB 10.6.43
sneha-nibaddha-dhīḥ because of an intense spirit of love; SB 10.11.20
dhīḥ the mind; SB 10.31.19
anārdra-dhīḥ hard-hearted; SB 10.39.27
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 10.40.27
dhīḥ whose mind; SB 10.46.27
dīna-dhīḥ whose mind is wretched; SB 10.48.34
dhīḥ the intelligence; SB 10.51.59
dhīḥ your mind; SB 10.60.51
ku-dhīḥ unintelligent; SB 10.62.9
dhīḥ mentality; SB 10.74.5
dhīḥ idea; SB 10.84.13
dhīḥ idea; SB 10.84.13
dhīḥ his mentality; SB 10.85.26
dhīḥ his mind; SB 10.88.35
dhīḥ my mind; SB 11.7.18
dīna-dhīḥ cripple-minded; SB 11.7.52
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 11.8.34
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 11.9.32
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 11.10.3
dhīḥ intelligence or knowledge; SB 11.10.14-16
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 11.11.29-32
dhīḥ the intelligence; SB 11.13.12
karma-dhīḥ intelligence bewildered by his own activities of creation; SB 11.13.18
dhīḥ the conception; SB 11.13.30
apṛthak-dhīḥ without any concept of duality; SB 11.17.32
dhīḥ whose mentality; SB 11.17.56
dhīḥ whose point of view; SB 11.17.58
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 11.19.40-45
dhīḥ thought; SB 11.22.45
dhīḥ the intelligence; SB 11.25.17
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 11.25.35
dhīḥ whose heart; SB 11.29.45
dhīḥ intelligence; SB 12.4.24
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 12.6.20
dhīḥ whose intelligence; SB 12.8.48
ananya-dhīḥ with undeviated attention; SB 12.12.59
dhīḥ the mind; CC Adi 4.173
dhīḥ intelligence; CC Madhya 6.235
dhīḥ intelligence; CC Madhya 8.219
dhīḥ the mind; CC Madhya 18.65
udāra-dhīḥ being very intelligent; CC Madhya 22.36
dhīḥ the intelligence; CC Madhya 22.155
udāra-dhīḥ sincere and advanced in devotional service; CC Madhya 24.90
udāra-dhīḥ sincere and advanced in devotional service; CC Madhya 24.197
dhīḥ the mind; CC Antya 7.40
vikala-dhīḥ whose intelligence was disturbed; CC Antya 19.76