dhyāna-yoga-paraḥ absorbed in trance; BG 18.51-53
dhyāna-pathaḥ in the path of my meditation; SB 1.9.24
dhyāna positive meditation; SB 1.15.47-48
dhyāna meditation; SB 3.12.3
dhyāna-āspadam object of meditation; SB 3.15.45
dhyāna-ayanam easily meditated upon; SB 3.28.33
dhyāna-gocaram the object of meditation; SB 3.33.23
dhyāna-anubhāvena by meditation; SB 5.1.23
dhyāna by meditation; SB 6.9.41
dhyāna by meditation; SB 6.13.17
dhyāna-dhiṣṇyam who is appreciated by meditation; SB 10.3.28
dhyāna by meditation; SB 10.29.10-11
dhyāna by meditation; SB 10.31.10
dhyāna by his meditation; SB 10.66.24
dhyāna of his meditation; SB 10.81.40
dhyāna in meditation; SB 11.11.43-45
dhyāna-mańgalam the auspicious object of meditation; SB 11.14.36-42
dhyāna and meditation; SB 11.31.6
dhyāna in meditative trance; SB 12.13.1
dhyāna meditation; CC Adi 4.273
dhyāna the meditation; CC Adi 5.221
kare dhyāna perform meditation; CC Adi 5.222
dhyāna meditation; CC Adi 7.69
dhyāna meditation; CC Adi 8.81
dhyāna meditation; CC Adi 16.96
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 4.25
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 6.258
dhyāna kare meditates on; CC Madhya 7.124
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 8.253
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 8.253
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 9.155
dhyāna-bhedāt by different types of meditation; CC Madhya 9.156
nirākāra-dhyāna meditation on impersonal Brahman; CC Madhya 10.175
dhyāna of meditation; CC Madhya 13.140
dhyāna kari' by meditation; CC Madhya 13.141
dharma-dhyāna religious principles and meditation; CC Madhya 20.334
kṛṣṇa-dhyāna meditation upon Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 20.335
dhyāna-ādite by processes beginning with meditation; CC Madhya 20.343
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 21.119
dhyāna meditation; CC Madhya 22.124
dhyāna kari' after meditating; CC Antya 2.54
dhyāna kaila meditated; CC Antya 2.61
kailā dhyāna you meditated; CC Antya 3.33
dhyāna meditation; CC Antya 4.31
dhyāna kailuń I meditated; CC Antya 9.135
dhyāna meditation; CC Antya 20.58
dhyāna from meditation; MM 18