dik-deśa direction and country; SB 1.6.8
dik-ambaram dressed by all directions (naked); SB 1.19.27
dik open space; SB 2.2.4
dik the controller of directions; SB 2.5.30
dik-vāsasaḥ naked; SB 3.19.20
dik-vāsasaḥ naked; SB 3.20.40
dik-gajendraḥ the rulers of the different directions; SB 4.5.10
dik the directions; SB 4.5.10
nirjita-dik-gajendrāḥ who have conquered many other heroes as powerful as elephants; SB 5.13.15
dik-devatāḥ the demigods in charge of different directions, like the sun and the moon; SB 5.14.9
dik-ibha-jayinaḥ who are victorious in all directions; SB 5.14.40
dik-vijaye for the purpose of gaining victory over Bali Mahārāja; SB 5.24.27
dik directions; SB 5.26.40
dik-devatayā by the demigod Rudra; SB 6.13.17
dik-vāsasaḥ being naked; SB 7.1.37
dik-gajaiḥ by big elephants trained to smash anything under their feet; SB 7.5.43-44
dik-vāsāḥ completely naked; SB 7.13.41
dik-gajaḥ the most powerful enemies, who were like elephants; SB 7.15.68
dik-gajāḥ elephants that could go in any direction; SB 8.8.5
dik-kariṇam the great elephant who could go everywhere; SB 8.10.25
dik-vijaye for conquering all directions; SB 8.19.5
dik-vijayinaḥ great heroes who have conquered all directions; SB 9.10.15
dik-ibha-indra-paṭṭam as the ornamental cloth covering the elephant that conquers the directions; SB 9.11.21
dik-vijaye to conquer all the world; SB 9.11.25
dik-vijaye while conquering all directions; SB 9.20.30
dik-taṭe the edges of the directions; SB 10.33.24
dik-ambaraḥ naked; SB 10.42.28-31
dik of directions; SB 10.51.51
dik of the directions; SB 10.62.7
dik-vijaye during the conquest of all directions; SB 10.70.24
dik in or of the universal directions; SB 10.70.44
dik of directions; SB 10.71.3
dik of all the directions; SB 10.72.12
dik of the directions; SB 10.86.21
dik-vidikṣu in all directions; CC Adi 4.125
dik directions; CC Adi 13.97
catuḥ-dik the four directions; CC Madhya 1.276
dik-vidik-jñāna knowledge of the right direction or wrong direction; CC Madhya 3.10
cāri-dik all around; CC Madhya 4.82
dik-vidik the right or wrong direction; CC Madhya 8.9
catur-dik all around; CC Madhya 12.121
dik-vidik of time and circumstances; CC Madhya 14.101
dik-daraśana indication; CC Madhya 14.142
dik-daraśana pointing out the direction; CC Madhya 17.232
dik-daraśana kailuń have simply made an indication; CC Madhya 18.224
dik-daraśana general survey; CC Madhya 19.235
dik-daraśana a slight indication; CC Madhya 20.248
dik-daraśana by a sample indication; CC Madhya 20.297
dik-daraśana indicating the direction only; CC Madhya 20.300
dik-daraśana kari let Me describe some of them; CC Madhya 20.367
dik-daraśana only partial showing; CC Madhya 20.404
dik-daraśana an indication only; CC Madhya 21.30
dik-pāla the governors of the directions; CC Madhya 21.93-94
daśa-dik ten directions; CC Madhya 21.139
dik-daraśana a general review; CC Madhya 22.77
dik-daraśana an indication; CC Madhya 24.329
dik-daraśana just a little direction; CC Madhya 24.345
ei dik-daraśana this summary inspection; CC Madhya 25.240
dik-daraśana indication; CC Madhya 25.244
kari dik-daraśana I shall describe in brief; CC Antya 2.15
daśa dik ten directions; CC Antya 3.230
daśa dik ten directions; CC Antya 3.233
eka-dik ha-ite to turn on one side; CC Antya 10.87
catuḥ-dik all directions; CC Antya 14.102
kari dik daraśana I show an indication; CC Antya 14.122
dik-mātra only a direction; CC Antya 15.98
dik-daraśana seeing the direction; CC Antya 17.65
dik-daraśana only an indication; CC Antya 18.12
dik-daraśana just to make an indication; CC Antya 20.76
dik (in) the directions (north, south, east, and west); Bs 5.5
dik-pālaiḥ protectors of the directions; Bs 5.5