diyā giving; CC Adi 1.100
diyā giving; CC Adi 3.19
prema diyā distributing love of God; CC Adi 3.33
diyā giving; CC Adi 3.67
diyā giving; CC Adi 5.30
diyā mana with mental attention; CC Adi 5.49
diyā mana with attention; CC Adi 5.92
diyā mana with the mind; CC Adi 5.108
diyā giving; CC Adi 5.196
diyā offering together; CC Adi 6.94
diyā distributing; CC Adi 7.24
diyā delivering; CC Adi 7.163
diyā delivering; CC Adi 7.167
diyā offering; CC Adi 8.18
diyā giving; CC Adi 9.37
diyā giving; CC Adi 9.44
tāre diyā distributing to him; CC Adi 11.58
diyā distributing; CC Adi 13.32
gańgā-jala diyā with the water of the Ganges; CC Adi 13.70
dhana diyā giving them riches; CC Adi 13.109
diyā giving; CC Adi 13.110
diyā delivering; CC Adi 14.24
diyā giving; CC Adi 14.67
diyā giving them; CC Adi 16.19
diyā closing; CC Adi 17.35
diyā mixing; CC Adi 17.44
diyā delivered; CC Adi 17.114
lāpha diyā jumping; CC Adi 17.180
diyā placing; CC Adi 17.181
diyā giving; CC Adi 17.230
diyā giving; CC Adi 17.297
diyā giving; CC Madhya 1.245
diyā giving; CC Madhya 1.274
diyā with; CC Madhya 1.279
diyā offering; CC Madhya 2.38
diyā giving; CC Madhya 3.46
sabā vidāya diyā asking everyone to return home; CC Madhya 3.193
diyā giving; CC Madhya 4.30
darśana diyā giving audience; CC Madhya 4.40
diyā applying; CC Madhya 4.60
taila diyā with oil; CC Madhya 4.62
ācamana diyā when offering ācamana (water for washing the feet and mouth); CC Madhya 4.65
diyā offering; CC Madhya 4.80
diyā with; CC Madhya 4.82
diyā with; CC Madhya 4.82
dvāra diyā closing the door; CC Madhya 4.132
kṣīra diyā delivering the pot of sweet rice; CC Madhya 4.135
diyā offering; CC Madhya 4.156
yoga-paṭṭa diyā offering Him saffron cloth; CC Madhya 6.76
diyā giving; CC Madhya 6.119
diyā accusing; CC Madhya 6.172
diyā offering; CC Madhya 6.222
hāte tāli diyā clapping his two hands; CC Madhya 6.238
diyā delivering; CC Madhya 9.204
svapna diyā appearing in a dream; CC Madhya 9.246
ājñā diyā giving an order; CC Madhya 9.335
diyā delivering; CC Madhya 10.30
mahā-prasāda diyā delivering the mahā-prasādam; CC Madhya 10.76
diyā delivering; CC Madhya 10.79
mana diyā with attention; CC Madhya 10.167
diyā placing; CC Madhya 11.6
dońhā diyā through these two persons; CC Madhya 11.77
hasta diyā placing His hand; CC Madhya 11.137
mana diyā with attention; CC Madhya 12.118
hāta diyā touching with the hand; CC Madhya 12.128
diyā delivering; CC Madhya 12.179
diyā keeping; CC Madhya 13.116
māthā diyā by placing the head; CC Madhya 13.189
vāṇīnāthe diyā through Vāṇīnātha Rāya; CC Madhya 14.24
māthā diyā with His head; CC Madhya 14.55
jala diyā with water; CC Madhya 14.76
diyā covering; CC Madhya 14.135
diyā paying; CC Madhya 15.72
hāta diyā touching your hand; CC Madhya 15.83
diyā offering; CC Madhya 15.87
hasta diyā keeping His hand; CC Madhya 15.273
bhakṣya diyā supplying food; CC Madhya 16.27
govinda-hāte diyā through the hands of Govinda; CC Madhya 16.38
diyā offering; CC Madhya 16.41
diyā through; CC Madhya 16.91
diyā bahu-jane carried by many persons; CC Madhya 16.124
diyā giving as gifts; CC Madhya 16.193
diyā giving as charity; CC Madhya 16.219
vidāya diyā bidding farewell; CC Madhya 16.227
diyā giving; CC Madhya 16.233
gauḍa-deśa diyā through Bengal; CC Madhya 16.256
mukhe mukha diyā touching one another's mouths; CC Madhya 17.42
kṛṣṇa-nāma diyā giving them the holy name of Lord Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 17.46
diyā yāna the Lord goes through; CC Madhya 17.47
nāma-prema diyā bestowing upon them ecstatic love and the holy name; CC Madhya 17.54
jhāńpa diyā jumping; CC Madhya 17.150
diyā delivering; CC Madhya 17.151
diyā delivering; CC Madhya 17.152
jhāńpa diyā paḍe jumps over and falls down; CC Madhya 17.154
diyā distributing; CC Madhya 18.128
diyā paying; CC Madhya 19.4
āsana diyā giving a sitting place; CC Madhya 19.19
diyā by means of; CC Madhya 19.23
tāhā diyā with this amount; CC Madhya 19.34
diyā offering; CC Madhya 19.90
diyā offering; CC Madhya 19.232
gauḍa-deśa diyā by way of Bengal; CC Madhya 19.241
nija-loka diyā with my own men; CC Madhya 20.20
tāre vidāya diyā bidding him farewell; CC Madhya 20.36
diyā giving; CC Madhya 20.88
diyā keeping; CC Madhya 20.88
dṛṣṭānta diyā giving an example; CC Madhya 20.386
diyā giving; CC Madhya 22.39
upadeśa diyā giving instructions; CC Madhya 22.56
prema diyā by ecstatic love; CC Madhya 24.59
diyā giving; CC Madhya 24.102
diyā offering; CC Madhya 24.110
kadarthanā diyā unnecessarily giving them pain; CC Madhya 24.250
diyā giving something; CC Madhya 24.279
diyā adding; CC Madhya 24.295
diyā through; CC Madhya 25.201
rāja-patha diyā on the government road or public road; CC Madhya 25.210
diyā giving; CC Antya 1.17
diyā paying; CC Antya 1.19
vāsā diyā offered a residence; CC Antya 1.53
śakti diyā giving power; CC Antya 1.196
śakti diyā empowering them; CC Antya 1.202
mana diyā with attention; CC Antya 2.36
hasta diyā putting their hands; CC Antya 2.126
diyā offering; CC Antya 3.224
kaiphiyat diyā sending a confidential account; CC Antya 6.20
diyā putting in; CC Antya 6.57
diyā placing; CC Antya 6.72
diyā putting; CC Antya 6.80
āsana diyā offering a sitting place; CC Antya 6.84
mūlya diyā giving the price; CC Antya 6.92
diyā delivering; CC Antya 6.182
kugrāma diyā diyā going through village pathways; CC Antya 6.185
kugrāma diyā diyā going through village pathways; CC Antya 6.185
diyā delivering; CC Antya 6.298
śilā diyā by offering this stone; CC Antya 6.307
guñjā-mālā diyā by offering the garland of small conchshells; CC Antya 6.307
diyā putting; CC Antya 6.317
lavaṇa diyā with a little salt; CC Antya 6.318
diyā by; CC Antya 8.3
diyā giving; CC Antya 9.32
viṣaya diyā giving the post; CC Antya 9.133
diyā after paying; CC Antya 9.143
karpūra-ādi diyā mixing with camphor and other ingredients; CC Antya 10.28
cini-pāka diyā by cooking with sugar; CC Antya 10.29-30
diyā adding; CC Antya 10.29-30
karpūra-ādi diyā mixing with camphor; CC Antya 10.31
diyā adding; CC Antya 10.32
gandha-dravya diyā mixing with aromatic agents; CC Antya 10.35
diyā spreading; CC Antya 10.89
diyā putting; CC Antya 11.69
vāsā diyā after giving His residential quarters; CC Antya 12.26
diyā giving; CC Antya 12.73
diyā with the help of; CC Antya 13.7
diyā with; CC Antya 13.7
vidāya diyā bidding farewell; CC Antya 13.68
gauḍa-patha diyā by the path through Bengal; CC Antya 13.90
diyā placing; CC Antya 14.24
dekhā diyā appearing; CC Antya 14.78
dekhā diyā giving His audience; CC Antya 15.80
diyā presenting; CC Antya 16.15
vidāya diyā bidding farewell; CC Antya 16.31
prasāda diyā delivering the prasādam of Lord Jagannātha; CC Antya 19.16
diyā giving; CC Antya 19.38
gandha diyā delivering the scent; CC Antya 19.98
diyā bestowing; CC Antya 20.49
diyā duḥkha giving distress; CC Antya 20.52
nāma diyā delivering the holy name; CC Antya 20.107