doṣa by the weakness; BG 2.7
doṣa the fault; BG 13.8-12
doṣa-vat as an evil; BG 18.3
doṣa-buddhyā by polluted intelligence; SB 1.9.36
mukta-doṣā freed from all faults; SB 3.15.21
sańga-doṣa the pernicious effects of material attachment; SB 3.25.24
doṣā faultiness; SB 3.27.24
anutpādita-doṣa-dṛṣṭayaḥ not finding fault; SB 4.3.16
doṣā Doṣā; SB 4.13.13
doṣā of Doṣā; SB 4.13.14
tat-doṣa the fault of that; SB 4.14.39-40
doṣa-viduṣā who knows the fault; SB 5.8.9
doṣa of faults; SB 5.14.7
guṇa-doṣa of quality and fault; SB 6.17.30
doṣa the faults (of fickleness and pride); SB 10.23.47
doṣā of the night; SB 10.32.11-12
doṣa to create discrepancies; SB 10.87.14
doṣa something bad; SB 11.7.8
doṣa bad things; SB 11.7.8
doṣa-buddhyā because of thinking that such action is wrong; SB 11.7.11
doṣa and faults; SB 11.7.40
doṣa the contamination of material attachment; SB 11.13.12
doṣa the discrepancy; SB 11.17.41
guṇa-doṣa good and bad qualities; SB 11.19.40-45
doṣa sin; SB 11.20.3
doṣa sin; SB 11.20.5
doṣa of sin; SB 11.20.26
doṣa forbidden as unfavorable; SB 11.20.36
guṇa-doṣa to piety and sin; SB 11.21.16
doṣa-nidheḥ in the ocean of faults; SB 12.3.51
doṣa the faults; CC Adi 1.107
doṣa faults; CC Adi 2.86
doṣa the fault; CC Adi 2.87
doṣa fault; CC Adi 7.101
doṣa fault; CC Adi 7.107
doṣa fault; CC Adi 7.110
doṣa fault; CC Adi 7.114
doṣa any fault; CC Adi 8.62
doṣa fault; CC Adi 10.6
doṣa fault; CC Adi 12.34
doṣa fault; CC Adi 14.27
doṣa fault upon Me; CC Adi 14.29
doṣa fault; CC Adi 14.44
doṣa-guṇera of both the faults and the virtues; CC Adi 16.26
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.45
doṣa fault; CC Adi 16.47
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.51
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.52
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.53
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.54
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.55
doṣa fault; CC Adi 16.61
doṣa fault; CC Adi 16.62
ei doṣa this fault; CC Adi 16.67
doṣa-yuk faulty; CC Adi 16.71
doṣa faults; CC Adi 16.84
doṣa fault; CC Adi 16.85
doṣa-guṇa-vicāra therefore to criticize one's poetry as good or bad; CC Adi 16.102
doṣa-udgāra many accusations; CC Adi 17.250
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 1.194
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 2.69
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 2.93
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 6.87
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 6.93
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 6.107
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 6.117
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 6.172
doṣa of faults; CC Madhya 6.176
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 6.180
doṣa-āropa-chale on the plea of attributing faults; CC Madhya 7.29
doṣa-udgāra-chale on the plea of attributing faults; CC Madhya 7.32
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 9.119
doṣa nāhi there is no fault; CC Madhya 9.120
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 12.190
doṣa faulty; CC Madhya 12.191
doṣa-ābhāsa even a tinge of fault; CC Madhya 13.144
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 14.126
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 14.157
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 15.50
doṣa faulty; CC Madhya 15.180
tāra doṣa his fault; CC Madhya 15.287
bālaka-doṣa the offense of a child; CC Madhya 15.291
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 16.133
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 16.134
tyāga-doṣa the fault of giving up; CC Madhya 16.135
tomāra doṣa Your fault; CC Madhya 17.126
doṣa faults; CC Madhya 19.26
doṣa-nidhe in the ocean of faults; CC Madhya 20.344
bahu-doṣa-duṣṭaḥ infected with varieties of material disease or attachment; CC Madhya 24.125
akaraṇe doṣa the fault of not performing them; CC Madhya 24.342
doṣa fault; CC Madhya 25.196
pāpa-doṣa yābe all the sinful reactions will go away; CC Madhya 25.199
doṣa fault; CC Antya 3.16
doṣa fault; CC Antya 3.205
tāra doṣa nāhi he is also not at fault; CC Antya 3.205
doṣa offense; CC Antya 3.212
ajña-doṣa offense by an ignorant rascal; CC Antya 3.213
doṣa fault; CC Antya 4.184
lāge doṣa there is an offense; CC Antya 5.134
nāhi kichu doṣa there was no fault; CC Antya 7.99
guṇa-doṣa attributes and faults; CC Antya 7.158
doṣa lāgāya find faults; CC Antya 8.51
doṣa-āropaṇa attributing faults; CC Antya 8.81
doṣa fault; CC Antya 8.84
doṣa offense; CC Antya 8.100
kibā doṣa what is the fault; CC Antya 9.31
ki doṣa what is the fault; CC Antya 9.62
doṣa lāgāñā accusing; CC Antya 13.23
doṣa fault; CC Antya 15.18
doṣa fault; CC Antya 17.36
tomāra doṣa fault to You; CC Antya 19.49
āpanāra karma-doṣa it is the result of My own fate; CC Antya 19.50
doṣa fault; CC Antya 19.52
kṛta-ghnatā-doṣa fault of ingratitude; CC Antya 20.100