sama-dṛk equibalanced; SB 1.4.4
amogha-dṛk one who is fully equipped in knowledge; SB 1.4.17-18
amogha-dṛk the perfect seer; SB 1.5.13
amogha-dṛk one who has perfect vision; SB 1.5.21
dṛk vision; SB 1.9.30
sva-dṛk qualitatively like Him; SB 1.13.48
vijñāna-dṛk by scientific knowledge; SB 2.2.19
dṛk the sense for seeing; SB 2.5.31
sama-dṛk equibalanced; SB 2.7.10
dṛk the very sight; SB 2.9.16
dṛk sight; SB 3.2.13
dṛk internal potency; SB 3.5.24
dṛk eyes; SB 3.8.10
sva-dṛk taking special care for His devotees; SB 3.14.47
sama-dṛk seeing equality; SB 3.24.44
sva-dṛk seeing himself; SB 3.24.44
dṛk the sense of sight; SB 3.26.13
ātma-dṛk the self-realized; SB 3.27.10
satya-dṛk the self-realized soul; SB 3.27.13
dṛk whose vision; SB 3.29.8
sva-dṛk one who sees his constitutional position; SB 3.32.34-36
dṛk the vision; SB 4.4.24
tri-sūrya-dṛk as bright as three suns combined; SB 4.5.3
samasta-dṛk seer or knower of everything; SB 4.6.49
svayam-dṛk self-sufficient; SB 4.7.50
sva-dṛk looking upon Himself; SB 4.9.14
bhinna-dṛk having separated vision; SB 4.9.33
ātma-dṛk facing towards the Supersoul; SB 4.11.29
sama-dṛk equipoised; SB 4.14.41
dṛk-gocaram visible to his naked eyes; SB 4.20.22
viśva-dṛk the seer of the whole universe; SB 4.20.32
diṣṭa-dṛk the seer of all destiny; SB 4.21.23
ātma-dṛk one who has seen or acquired self-realization; SB 4.24.7
sva-dṛk one who can see his own welfare; SB 4.29.26-27
dṛk eyes; SB 5.2.16
dṛk sight; SB 5.5.27
rajaḥ-tamaḥ-sattva-vibhakta-karma-dṛk a conditioned soul who sees only immediately beneficial fruitive activities and their results, which are divided into three groups by the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance; SB 5.13.1
dṛk the power of vision; SB 5.19.12
dṛk of the eyes; SB 5.20.46
guṇa-vastu-dṛk who is attracted by the creation of the modes of material nature; SB 6.9.49
tattva-dṛk one who knows the tattvas, the material and spiritual energies; SB 6.10.12
sva-dṛk self-effulgent; SB 6.16.9
para-avara-dṛk seeing the cause and effect; SB 6.16.11
sama-dṛk sees equally; SB 6.17.34-35
dharma-dṛk possessing vision of religion; SB 6.18.71
dṛk of sight; SB 7.2.33
dṛk-vacaḥ the seeing and talking of; SB 7.2.48
avastu-dṛk seeing as if insubstantial; SB 7.4.33
sva-dṛk self-illuminated; SB 7.7.19-20
mīlita-dṛk the eyes appearing closed; SB 7.9.32
capala-dṛk the restless eyesight; SB 7.9.40
ātma-dṛk one who can actually see the self; SB 7.13.5
nipuṇa-dṛk intelligent; SB 7.13.19
artha-dṛk self-interested; SB 7.13.29
satya-dṛk one who has actually realized the ultimate truth; SB 7.13.44
aviddha-dṛk He sees everything (in all these circumstances); SB 8.3.4
dṛk all directions; SB 8.7.14
sva-dṛk you manifest yourself; SB 8.7.23
āyuḥ-veda-dṛk fully conversant in the medical science; SB 8.8.34
mantra-dṛk who could foresee the Vedic mantras; SB 8.23.29
arka-dṛk appear like the sun; SB 8.24.50
ātma-dṛk a self-realized soul; SB 9.19.20
sarva-buddhi-dṛk the supreme observer, the Supersoul, the intelligence of everyone; SB 10.3.13
a-sva-dṛk one who has not seen himself (because of the darkness of the bodily conception of life); SB 10.4.22
yat-dṛk-viṣayaḥ has become the object of direct vision, face to face; SB 10.12.12
aśeṣa-dṛk hariḥ Kṛṣṇa, who has unlimited potency, could understand past, future and present; SB 10.12.28
sarva-dṛk all-seeing; SB 10.14.39
dṛk for the eyes; SB 10.14.47
dṛk his eyes; SB 10.18.27
akhila-dṛk of the vision of all creatures; SB 10.23.24
dṛk O You who see; SB 10.28.8
akhila-dṛk the seer of everything; SB 10.28.12
su-dṛk with beautiful eyes; SB 10.30.23
dṛk the seer; SB 10.31.4
dṛk the witness; SB 10.38.18
dṛk whose vision; SB 10.48.34
anartha-dṛk not seeing one's real benefit; SB 10.51.45
dṛk with the sense of vision; SB 10.54.46
dṛk sight; SB 10.63.35-36
sva-dṛk self-manifesting; SB 10.63.38
dṛk the witness; SB 10.81.6-7
dṛk whose vision; SB 10.84.24-25
dṛk whose vision; SB 10.84.64
dṛk whose seeing; SB 10.85.19
sva-dṛk self-illumined; SB 10.86.31
dṛk to the eyes; SB 10.86.32
dṛk seeing; SB 10.88.5
sama-dṛk seeing everything with equal vision; SB 11.7.6
ātma-dṛk he who can see himself properly (as separate from this matter); SB 11.7.41
capala-dṛk the fickle eyes; SB 11.9.27
sva-dṛk self-enlightened; SB 11.10.8
dṛk seeing; SB 11.11.8
sama-dṛk seeing things equally; SB 11.11.16
dṛk sight; SB 11.12.19
dṛk seeing; SB 11.13.32
dṛk seeing; SB 11.17.41
dṛk the function of sight (as adhyātma); SB 11.22.31
dṛk who sees; SB 11.28.3
sama-dṛk having equal vision; SB 11.29.13-14
śūnya-dṛk devoid of material sight and other sensory functions; SB 12.6.40-41
dṛk-patheṣu among perceived objects of the external world; SB 12.8.48
svapna-dṛk a person who is seeing a dream; SB 12.10.31-32
svayam-dṛk who is self-illuminating; SB 12.11.24
sarva-dṛk the seer of everything; CC Madhya 20.313
dṛk-indīvarā whose lotus eyes; CC Madhya 23.33
dṛk-añcala-taskaraiḥ by the glances of His eyes like thieves; CC Antya 1.190