druma-janma being born of the tree; SB 2.3.22
druma of trees; SB 3.21.40
druma trees; SB 4.6.10
druma-jātibhiḥ with varieties of trees; SB 4.6.18
druma trees; SB 4.25.17
apuṇya-druma-latā impious trees and creepers; SB 5.14.12
druma-vat like trees (as monkeys jump from one tree to another, the conditioned soul transmigrates from one body to another); SB 5.14.32
druma trees; SB 6.9.6
druma with trees; SB 6.10.26
druma the trees; SB 6.13.5
druma-latā trees and creepers; SB 8.2.2-3
druma trees; SB 8.2.7
druma the trees and plants; SB 8.5.21
druma with nice trees; SB 9.18.5
druma-ākulam full of nice trees; SB 10.13.5
jana-ājīvya-druma-ākīrṇam dense with trees, which were the means of living for the inhabitants; SB 10.13.59
druma the trees; SB 10.15.8
druma of trees; SB 10.18.4
druma-bhujān to the branches of the trees; SB 10.21.14
druma trees; SB 10.29.40
druma having trees; SB 10.50.50-53
druma of trees; SB 10.90.1-7
druma-ādīn trees and other immovable creatures; SB 11.2.41
druma with trees; SB 12.8.18-20
druma of the trees; SB 12.8.21
kalpa-druma desire tree; CC Adi 1.16
kalpa-druma desire tree; CC Madhya 1.4
puṣpa-druma flower trees; CC Madhya 13.173
druma the trees; CC Madhya 24.56
druma-bhujān to the branches of the trees; CC Madhya 24.176
druma-latāḥ the creepers and trees; CC Madhya 24.206
kalpa-druma desire tree; CC Antya 1.6
druma trees; CC Antya 17.31