durlabham very difficult to obtain; SB 3.13.49
durlabham very difficult to obtain; SB 5.17.9
su-durlabham not obtainable; SB 6.18.36
durlabham very rarely obtained; SB 7.6.1
durlabham very rare; SB 7.9.53
durlabham a very rare achievement; SB 8.17.21
ati-durlabham which is rarely obtained; SB 9.4.15-16
durlabham although it was never to happen; SB 10.5.24
durlabham difficult to achieve; SB 10.38.4
durlabham rarely obtained; SB 10.51.46
durlabham rarely obtained; SB 10.74.2
durlabhām difficult to achieve; SB 10.85.16
durlabham more difficult to achieve; SB 11.2.29
su-durlabham that which is very difficult to obtain; SB 11.9.29
su-durlabham although impossible to obtain even with great endeavor; SB 11.20.17
durlabham very rarely achieved; CC Antya 3.85
durlabham inaccessible; Bs 5.33