dvandva duality; BG 4.22
dvandva of duality; BG 7.27
dvandva of duality; BG 7.28
dvandva dual; SB 4.7.28
dvandva duality; SB 4.22.24
dvandva duality; SB 4.29.18-20
dvandva of the dualities of the material world; SB 5.5.10-13
dvandva-nimittayoḥ in the causes of duality; SB 5.9.9-10
dvandva-jālāni the networks of duality; SB 6.16.39
dvandva-ārāma by persons taking pleasure in duality (in material enmity and friendship); SB 7.5.53
dvandva in duality; SB 7.5.56-57
dvandva-yodhinaḥ two combatants chose each other; SB 8.10.27
dvandva in duality; SB 10.40.25
dvandva of duality; SB 10.47.18
dvandva conjugal connection with whom; SB 10.47.20
dvandva dualities; SB 10.52.4
dvandva paired; SB 10.56.23
dvandva-saṃjñayoḥ in situations perceived in terms of duality; SB 11.3.24
dvandva in material dualities (like male and female); SB 11.7.73
dvandva of the two; SB 11.19.9
dvandva of the duality (of happiness and distress); SB 11.23.56
dvandva-mātrāṇām of all dualities; SB 11.29.41-44
dvandva of material dualities; MM 11
pāṇi-dvandva O two hands; MM 20
dvandva the pair; MM 21
kuca-dvandva of the two breasts; MM 30