etaiḥ all these; BG 1.42
etaiḥ by all these; BG 3.40
etaiḥ from these; BG 16.22
etaiḥ by these; SB 1.2.19
etaiḥ by all these; SB 1.14.21
etaiḥ by all these; SB 2.5.20
etaiḥ by these; SB 3.28.7
etaiḥ these; SB 3.29.19
etaiḥ by these; SB 4.29.41
aṣṭabhiḥ etaiḥ by these eight mountains; SB 5.16.27
etaiḥ by all these (witnesses, beginning from the sun-god); SB 6.1.43
etaiḥ by all these; SB 7.7.19-20
etaiḥ with all these; SB 7.7.45
etaiḥ by these ways; SB 7.15.67
etaiḥ mantraiḥ by chanting all these mantras; SB 8.16.38
etaiḥ by them; SB 10.58.43
etaiḥ by these; SB 11.6.8
etaiḥ by these; SB 11.20.15
etaiḥ by these symptoms; SB 11.25.17
etaiḥ of these; SB 11.29.31
etaiḥ by these; CC Madhya 8.1