sarvatra-gaḥ blowing everywhere; BG 9.6
sāma-gaḥ that of the Sāma Veda; SB 1.4.21
gāḥ tandrīm become dejected; SB 3.9.29
gandha-gaḥ which perceives aromas; SB 3.26.44
daiva-vaśa-gaḥ under the control of the Personality of Godhead; SB 3.28.38
sarva-gaḥ able to go everywhere; SB 4.20.7
akiñcana-gaḥ approachable by the materially free; SB 4.31.29
āpa-gāḥ the waters of the rivers; SB 6.1.18
guru-talpa-gaḥ one who indulges in sex with the wife of his teacher or guru; SB 6.2.9-10
gāḥ bulls; SB 6.3.13
sarva-gaḥ who is all-pervasive; SB 6.8.32-33
tat-vaśa-gāḥ under the control of him; SB 6.14.20
sarva-gaḥ qualified to go anywhere in the material or spiritual worlds; SB 7.2.22
gāḥ cows; SB 9.2.3
sāma-gaḥ engaged as the reciter of the Sāma Veda mantras; SB 9.7.22
gāḥ the cows; SB 9.20.23
garbha-gaḥ came within my womb; SB 10.3.31
gāḥ ca cows and persons engaged in protecting cows; SB 10.4.40
gāḥ cows; SB 10.11.18
su-gāḥ the celestial singers; SB 10.12.34
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.15.1
upari-gāḥ traveling above; SB 10.16.4
tīra-gāḥ present upon the shore; SB 10.16.5
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.16.13-15
gāḥ cows; SB 10.17.18
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.19.13
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.19.15
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.20.30-31
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.21.2
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.21.19
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.22.29
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.22.37
gāḥ Their cows; SB 10.23.7
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.23.17
nimna-gāḥ the rivers; SB 10.23.19
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.30.18
ura-gaḥ moving on his belly; SB 10.34.5
gāḥ cows; SB 10.34.27
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.35.6-7
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.35.8-11
puraḥ-gāḥ headed by; SB 10.35.14-15
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.35.18-19
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.43.34
gāḥ the cows; SB 10.44.13
pakṣa-gaḥ taking the side; SB 10.44.33
āpa-gāḥ rivers; SB 10.47.33
vaśa-gaḥ under the control; SB 10.48.34
āpa-gaḥ rivers; SB 10.50.25-28
gāḥ cows; SB 10.64.12
gāḥ cows; SB 10.69.28
gaḥ a cow; SB 10.84.13
utpatha-gaḥ a transgressor of the path (of religion); SB 10.89.6-7
gāḥ bodies of water; SB 11.7.50
gaḥ having gone; SB 11.13.11
vaśa-gaḥ under the control; SB 11.13.37
gāḥ cows; SB 12.3.36
sāma-gāḥ the singer of the Sāma Veda; SB 12.6.78
sāma-gāḥ the singers of the Sāma Veda; SB 12.13.1
gāḥ the cows; CC Madhya 24.207
mā sma gāḥ please do not come; MM 12