sarva-gataḥ all-pervading; BG 2.24
gatāḥ having achieved; BG 8.15
gataḥ returned; BG 11.51
gatāḥ attained; BG 14.1
gatāḥ going; BG 15.3-4
gataḥ gone; SB 1.1.23
gataḥ having gone; SB 1.8.47
gatāḥ attained; SB 1.9.39
samadhi-gataḥ asmi I have undergone trance in meditation; SB 1.9.42
gataḥ having gone; SB 1.10.36
pārśva-gataḥ just by the side; SB 1.11.33
rahaḥ-gataḥ exclusively alone; SB 1.11.33
gataḥ being situated there; SB 1.12.7
gataḥ gone; SB 1.13.33
gataḥ he has gone; SB 1.13.51
gatāḥ has gone; SB 1.14.7
gataḥ went; SB 1.15.44
gataḥ having gone to; SB 2.2.21
gataḥ by passing over; SB 2.2.24
gataḥ attained by; SB 2.2.31
gataḥ achieved; SB 2.4.3-4
gataḥ undergone; SB 3.2.3
gataḥ gone; SB 3.7.17
antaḥ-gataḥ internal; SB 3.8.13
arvāk-gataḥ in spite of going inside; SB 3.8.19
antaḥ-gatāḥ come together; SB 3.11.41
gataḥ goes; SB 3.14.43
antaḥ-gataḥ entered within; SB 3.15.43
gataḥ is seated; SB 3.15.46
gataḥ have attained; SB 3.15.46
gatāḥ gone; SB 3.17.29
gataḥ gone; SB 3.30.17
gataḥ gone to; SB 3.31.24
gataḥ went; SB 4.9.1
gataḥ having gone there; SB 4.9.25
gataḥ went; SB 4.10.4
gataḥ went; SB 4.11.28
gataḥ went off; SB 4.13.47
gataḥ having gone; SB 4.14.29
gataḥ achieved; SB 4.17.5
gatāḥ attained; SB 4.24.4
gataḥ used to go; SB 4.25.55
gataḥ you became; SB 4.28.53
gataḥ went; SB 4.28.55
gatāḥ have attained; SB 4.30.20
gatāḥ have achieved; SB 4.30.38
gataḥ you have come; SB 4.31.5
brahmāvarta-gataḥ when He reached the place known as Brahmāvarta (identified by some as Burma and by others as a place near Kanpura, Uttar Pradesh); SB 5.4.19
gataḥ having entered; SB 5.14.1
gataḥ gone; SB 5.14.5
gataḥ api although promoted; SB 5.14.41
gataḥ entered; SB 5.18.11
deha-gataḥ api although appearing as a human being; SB 5.19.12
gataḥ has accepted; SB 5.20.41
aṇḍa-madhya-gataḥ situated in the center of the universe; SB 5.20.43
madhya-gataḥ being situated in the middle; SB 5.21.3
kāla-cakra-gataḥ positioned in the wheel of time; SB 5.22.5
dvi-lakṣa-yojana-antara-gatāḥ situated at a distance of 1,600,000 miles; SB 5.22.15
gataḥ situated; SB 5.25.8
prakṛtim gataḥ came to his senses; SB 6.2.22
gatāḥ went; SB 6.2.31
deha-gataḥ situated within the core of the heart; SB 6.4.34
gataḥ attained; SB 6.4.43
gataḥ gone; SB 6.5.13
gatāḥ taking to; SB 6.5.33
svaḥ-gataḥ in the heavenly planets; SB 6.6.33-36
gataḥ went; SB 6.7.16
gataḥ obtained; SB 6.12.20
gataḥ reaching; SB 6.12.31
gataḥ going; SB 6.13.14
gataḥ gone; SB 6.13.17
gataḥ gone away; SB 6.14.58
yoni-gataḥ being within a specific species of life; SB 6.16.8
gataḥ went; SB 6.16.12
gataḥ obtained; SB 6.18.59
gataḥ accepts; SB 7.1.6
gatāḥ attained; SB 7.1.30
deha-gataḥ within the body; SB 7.2.43
gataḥ going; SB 7.5.5
gataḥ obtained; SB 7.7.9
gatāḥ obtained; SB 7.7.54
hṛt-gataḥ in the core of the heart; SB 7.13.22
gataḥ went there; SB 7.15.72
gataḥ accepted; SB 8.1.5
sarva-gataḥ who is seated in everyone's heart; SB 8.1.18
gataḥ having obtained; SB 8.2.27
gataḥ left that place; SB 8.4.11-12
gatāḥ in our vision; SB 8.6.13
gataḥ having gone; SB 8.10.45
gataḥ had gone; SB 8.12.23
madhyam-dina-gataḥ on the meridian; SB 8.18.6
gataḥ must have gone; SB 8.19.12
gatāḥ na could not reach; SB 8.19.23
gataḥ approached; SB 8.20.34
gatāḥ had achieved; SB 8.21.2-3
gataḥ departed; SB 9.1.42
gataḥ being situated in that position; SB 9.2.11-13
gataḥ entered; SB 9.2.15
gataḥ achieved; SB 9.2.23-24
vana-gataḥ having entered the forest; SB 9.3.2
gataḥ having gone; SB 9.3.18
gataḥ he went; SB 9.3.29
gataḥ he went; SB 9.3.36
gataḥ went; SB 9.4.37
gataḥ gone; SB 9.4.51
gataḥ Durvāsā Muni, who had left that place; SB 9.5.23
vanam gataḥ retired to the forest as a vānaprastha; SB 9.6.25
gataḥ went; SB 9.7.5-6
gataḥ went; SB 9.9.20-21
gataḥ obtained; SB 9.9.25
gataḥ having become; SB 9.10.27
gataḥ went; SB 9.14.40
gataḥ going there; SB 9.14.43
gataḥ went; SB 9.15.7
gataḥ went out; SB 9.15.8
gatāḥ we have achieved; SB 9.15.39
svaḥ-gataḥ have gone to the heavenly planets; SB 9.16.15
gataḥ he came; SB 9.20.7
gatāḥ achieved; SB 9.21.18
gataḥ left; SB 9.22.11
gataḥ returned; SB 9.24.35
gataḥ went away; SB 9.24.66
gataḥ being placed; SB 10.1.4
gataḥ went; SB 10.1.9
gataḥ undergoes; SB 10.1.40
kukṣi-gataḥ in the womb; SB 10.2.41
gataḥ went; SB 10.5.19
gatāḥ came back; SB 10.6.31
nabhaḥ-gataḥ went up to the top of the sky; SB 10.7.26
idānīm kṛṣṇatām gataḥ at the present moment He has assumed a blackish color; SB 10.8.13
gataḥ having gone; SB 10.9.6
jīva-sāmyam gataḥ when he understands that the position is the same for everyone; SB 10.10.14
gataḥ left that place; SB 10.10.23
gataḥ went; SB 10.12.6
antaḥ-gataḥ He is always present within the core of the heart; SB 10.12.39
tat-antara-gataḥ now became entangled with the affairs of Kṛṣṇa, who was enjoying luncheon pastimes with His cowherd boys; SB 10.13.15
gataḥ arrived; SB 10.13.23
gataḥ went; SB 10.22.8
gataḥ He went; SB 10.22.29
gataḥ He came upon; SB 10.22.36
gatāḥ went; SB 10.23.34
gataḥ assumed; SB 10.24.35
idānīm kṛṣṇatām gataḥ at the present moment He has assumed a blackish color; SB 10.26.16
gataḥ have come; SB 10.27.13
gataḥ went; SB 10.28.3
gatāḥ present; SB 10.29.9
gataḥ he attained; SB 10.29.13
gataḥ has gone away; SB 10.30.5
gataḥ present; SB 10.32.14
gataḥ having entered; SB 10.37.6
gatāḥ those who have attained; SB 10.39.15
gatāḥ attaining; SB 10.40.6
gataḥ He entered; SB 10.43.17
manasā gatāḥ understood; SB 10.46.4
gataḥ having gone; SB 10.51.13
gataḥ now gone; SB 10.51.47
gatāḥ sitting; SB 10.53.51-55
gataḥ gone; SB 10.56.16
gataḥ became; SB 10.57.12-13
gataḥ went; SB 10.58.1
gataḥ went; SB 10.63.30
gataḥ gone away; SB 10.65.11-12
gatāḥ have come; SB 10.68.48
gatāḥ went; SB 10.72.21
gataḥ gone; SB 10.72.31
gataḥ gone; SB 10.77.6-7
gataḥ having assumed; SB 10.77.23
gataḥ come; SB 10.78.4
gataḥ He went; SB 10.79.16-17
gataḥ attaining; SB 10.80.16-17
astam gataḥ having set; SB 10.80.37
gataḥ has taken on; SB 10.84.41
gataḥ come; SB 10.85.19
gataḥ having gone; SB 10.86.2-3
darśanam gataḥ have become visible; SB 10.86.31
sarva-gatāḥ omnipresent; SB 10.87.30
gataḥ having entered; SB 10.87.39
gataḥ having gone; SB 10.88.25-26
gataḥ attained; SB 10.89.19
gataḥ met; SB 10.89.23
gataḥ have reached; SB 10.90.17
gataḥ it is gone; SB 11.1.3
gataḥ approached; SB 11.5.41
tat-gataḥ actually having entered within them; SB 11.7.51
gataḥ has achieved; SB 11.9.4
kṛcchra-gataḥ experiencing difficulty; SB 11.22.58-59
manaḥ-gataḥ within the mind; SB 11.26.16
gataḥ going; SB 11.29.47
gataḥ having returned; SB 12.2.29
gatāḥ met; SB 12.2.40
gatāḥ they have obtained; SB 12.2.43
gatāḥ gone away; SB 12.3.6
ātma-gataḥ having entered the soul; SB 12.3.47
gataḥ having gone; SB 12.6.64-65
gataḥ having attained; SB 12.10.39
gataḥ obtained; CC Adi 3.36
gataḥ who reached; CC Adi 4.117
gatāḥ achieved; CC Adi 5.35
gataḥ has accepted; CC Madhya 6.101
gataḥ who reached; CC Madhya 8.190
antaḥ-gataḥ entered; CC Madhya 17.142
gataḥ acted; CC Madhya 17.186
sarva-gatāḥ all-pervading; CC Madhya 19.143
kṛṣṇatām gataḥ He has assumed a blackish hue; CC Madhya 20.331
gataḥ approached; CC Madhya 22.141
antaḥ-gataḥ entered; CC Madhya 24.45
antaḥ-gataḥ entered within; CC Madhya 24.115
gataḥ wasted; CC Madhya 24.128
gataḥ have gone; CC Madhya 24.320
gataḥ acted; CC Madhya 25.57
antaḥ-gataḥ entered; CC Madhya 25.158
gataḥ left; CC Antya 8.49
gataḥ achieved; CC Antya 20.157
yoga-nidrām gataḥ in the state of deep sleep; Bs 5.12