gatiḥ entrance; BG 4.17
gatiḥ goal; BG 9.18
gatiḥ progress; BG 12.5
gatiḥ goal of life; SB 1.2.28-29
gatiḥ entrance; SB 1.6.31
gatiḥ destination; SB 1.9.38
avijñāta-gatiḥ unknown destination; SB 1.13.26
gatiḥ movements; SB 1.13.28
gatiḥ good rebirth; SB 1.17.10-11
gatiḥ movement; SB 1.17.23
gatiḥ movement; SB 2.1.33
gatiḥ destination; SB 2.4.20
gatiḥ progressive path; SB 2.5.16
gatiḥ movement; SB 2.5.20
gatiḥ progress; SB 2.6.34
gatiḥ advancement; SB 2.8.20
gatiḥ course; SB 3.9.1
gatiḥ progress; SB 3.13.8
gatiḥ destination; SB 3.14.27
gatiḥ shelter; SB 3.19.38
bhāgavatī gatiḥ the destination of the devotee (going back home, back to Godhead); SB 3.24.47
gatiḥ the path; SB 3.25.12
gatiḥ the process of movement; SB 3.26.58
gatiḥ his progress; SB 3.27.30
manaḥ-gatiḥ the heart's course; SB 3.29.11-12
gatiḥ condition of life; SB 3.31.12
gatiḥ Gati; SB 4.1.38
vismṛta-ātma-gatiḥ having forgotten the knowledge of Viṣṇu; SB 4.2.23
gatiḥ the way; SB 4.4.19
dhruva-gatiḥ Dhruva, who attained permanent life; SB 4.12.35
ātma-gatiḥ spiritual advancement; SB 4.22.41
gatiḥ progress; SB 4.22.47
ātma-gatiḥ the ultimate goal of spiritual life; SB 4.23.12
gatiḥ the ultimate destination; SB 4.24.54
gatiḥ destination; SB 4.24.68
avyakta-gatiḥ whose movement is imperceptible; SB 4.27.29
gatiḥ the ultimate goal of life; SB 4.30.30
gatiḥ the ultimate goal; SB 4.30.36
puruṣa-gatiḥ the movement of the carriers; SB 5.10.2
avyakta-gatiḥ whose glories are inconceivable; SB 5.19.9
gatiḥ the motion; SB 5.22.2
gatiḥ the motion; SB 5.22.2
tat-gatīḥ the movements of the polluted intelligence; SB 6.5.15
iddha-manaḥ-gatiḥ the course of his mind being enlightened; SB 6.16.29
gatiḥ destination; SB 8.3.7
gatiḥ whose movements; SB 8.6.26
alasa-gatiḥ stepping very slowly; SB 8.9.16-17
divya-gatiḥ whose movements are wonderful; SB 8.18.12
gatiḥ to keep His step; SB 8.19.34
ātma-gatiḥ the supreme destination; SB 8.24.28
gatiḥ destination; SB 9.4.64
avyāhata-gatiḥ whose progress was indefatigable; SB 9.15.16
gatiḥ the movement; SB 10.1.48
saḥ me gatiḥ He is therefore my only shelter (I am simply instrumental); SB 10.8.42
bṛhat-calat-śroṇī-bhara-ākrānta-gatiḥ being overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed; SB 10.9.10
ātma-gatiḥ His personal opulence; SB 10.15.19
gatiḥ destination; SB 10.23.30
gatiḥ the ultimate destination; SB 10.23.45
gatiḥ whose movement; SB 10.35.16-17
durāpa-gatiḥ a goal hard to achieve; SB 10.48.27
gatiḥ the goal; SB 10.52.29
gatiḥ the goal; SB 10.60.27-28
gatiḥ the goal; SB 10.81.1-2
gatiḥ and goal; SB 10.83.1
gatiḥ and movement; SB 10.85.8
gatiḥ the ultimate goal; SB 10.87.40
gatiḥ the destinations; SB 10.88.2
gatiḥ goal; SB 10.88.25-26
gatiḥ the destination; SB 10.89.8-9
gatiḥ the goal; SB 10.90.28
gatiḥ whose effort; SB 10.90.31
karma-gatīḥ the destinations determined by his past activities; SB 11.3.7
gatiḥ the function of the legs; SB 11.12.19
gatiḥ whose progress; SB 11.15.6-7
gatiḥ the ultimate goal; SB 11.16.10
mat-gatiḥ My supreme position; SB 11.18.46
gatiḥ destination; SB 11.24.14
gatīḥ the destinations of material nature; SB 11.29.41-44
gatiḥ the movement; SB 11.31.9
gatiḥ the progress; SB 12.4.38
gatiḥ the destination in his next life; SB 12.6.25
gatiḥ the shelter; SB 12.10.8
gatiḥ the shelter; SB 12.10.18
gatiḥ the movement; SB 12.12.10
gatiḥ the goal; CC Adi 4.51
manaḥ-gatiḥ the movement of the mind; CC Adi 4.205
gatiḥ progress; CC Adi 7.76
gatiḥ destination; CC Adi 17.21
gatiḥ Our destination; CC Madhya 2.18
gatiḥ means; CC Madhya 6.242
gatiḥ the movement; CC Madhya 8.111
gatiḥ the movement; CC Madhya 14.163
gatiḥ the progress; CC Madhya 14.189
manaḥ-gatiḥ the movement of the mind; CC Madhya 19.171
gatiḥ the means (the Gāyatrī mantra); Bs 5.27