gehe in the house; BG 6.41
śūra-gehe in the house of Śūrasena; SB 3.1.26
vasudeva-gehe in the home of Vasudeva; SB 3.2.16
gehe in the home; SB 3.5.44
guru-gehe in the guru-kula, the place where children are sent to be instructed by the guru; SB 7.5.7
gehe in family matters; SB 7.14.5
bhojendra-gehe within the limits of the house of Kaṃsa; SB 10.2.19
gehe in the home; SB 11.1.11-12
gehe to his home; SB 11.17.56
śrī-jagannātha-gehe in the temple of Lord Jagannātha; CC Madhya 11.1