ghoram horrible; BG 11.49
ghoram harmful to others; BG 17.5-6
ghorām too complicated; SB 1.1.14
ghoram fearful; SB 1.6.13
ghoram ghastly; SB 1.7.15
ghoram severe; SB 2.5.7
ghorām blamable; SB 3.12.33
ghoram terrible; SB 3.15.35
ghorām impure; SB 3.20.28
ghoram intolerant; SB 4.8.36
ghoram very fearful; SB 6.12.24
ghorām very fearful (due to continuous acceptance of birth and death); SB 7.13.28
ghoram very severe; SB 8.1.8
ghoram extremely fierce; SB 9.15.28
ghorām fierce; SB 9.16.17
ghoram fearsome; SB 10.62.1
ghoram fearsome; SB 10.89.50
ghoram which brings terrible suffering; SB 11.13.9-10