gītam described; BG 13.5
gītam instructed; SB 1.15.30
gītam explanation; SB 3.17.1
su-gītam the art of singing sweet songs; SB 4.15.19
mat-gītam the song composed by me or sung by me; SB 4.24.76
gītam sung; SB 4.24.79
rudra-gītam the song sung by Lord Śiva; SB 4.25.2
gītam narrated; SB 4.29.83
sura-loka-gītām praised even in the heavenly planets; SB 7.10.13
gītam prayers offered; SB 7.10.14
gītam what has been spoken; SB 8.19.38
yat gītam as already stated; SB 10.10.25
veṇu-gītam the song of the flute; SB 10.21.3
gītam song; SB 10.21.12
kala-veṇu-gītam sweet vibrations made by playing the flute; SB 10.21.14
gītam the song of His flute; SB 10.21.15
garga-gītam the statements of Garga Ṛṣi; SB 10.26.24
gītam the music; SB 10.29.4
gītam the singing; SB 10.34.24
gītam the singing; SB 10.35.8-11
gītam song; SB 10.67.8
gītam the song; SB 10.72.12
gītam chanted; SB 10.83.17
gītam sung; SB 10.86.21
gītam songs; SB 11.8.17
gītam song; SB 11.8.28
gītam sung; SB 11.23.5
gītām sung; SB 11.23.61
kala-veṇu-gītam sweet vibrations made by playing the flute; CC Madhya 24.176
bhṛńgī-gītam the humming songs of the bumblebees; CC Antya 1.160