granthi knot; SB 1.2.15
granthi the knots; SB 3.26.2
hṛdaya-granthi the knot in the heart; SB 5.5.14
hṛdaya-granthi the knot of false conceptions within the heart; SB 5.10.15
avidyā-granthi the bondage of ignorance; SB 5.19.20
hṛdaya-granthi-bhedakam mystic yoga, which can loosen the knots of material attachment in the heart; SB 9.12.2
granthi the bondage; SB 11.24.29
granthi-hīna without any knot; CC Madhya 24.16
asthi-granthi joints of the bones; CC Antya 14.65-66
pīyūṣa-granthi pīyūṣagranthi; CC Antya 18.106