hasta-gṛhīta-padmayā taking a lotus flower in the hand; SB 4.8.23
hasta like hands; SB 4.9.6
hasta of His hand; SB 4.20.22
hasta hands; SB 4.29.4
hasta-pādau hands and legs; SB 4.29.15
hasta-yuktānām of the animals with hands, like the tigers; SB 6.4.9
hasta from the hands; SB 7.8.26
hasta-muktaḥ freed from the clutches of the Lord; SB 7.8.27
hasta-sthām while still in the hand of Bali; SB 8.10.43
hasta-trayam three cubits; SB 8.24.19
hasta-grāhaḥ he who accepted my hand; SB 9.18.19
hasta-grāhaḥ husband; SB 9.18.22
hasta Hasta; SB 9.24.49
hasta-agrāhye when the destination is out of the reach of His hands; SB 10.8.30
mat-hasta from My hand; SB 10.25.21
hasta like hands; SB 10.32.11-12
hasta-abjam the lotus hand; SB 10.33.13
hasta hand; SB 10.38.16
hasta in his hands; SB 10.51.7
hasta-pańkajam Your lotus hand; SB 10.59.31
agra-hastā in her hand; SB 10.60.8
hasta of the hand; SB 10.62.13
hasta-graha taking of their hands; SB 10.65.4-6
kṛṣṇa-hasta by Lord Kṛṣṇa's hand; SB 10.77.34
hasta cubits; CC Adi 3.42
hasta hands; CC Adi 5.100-101
hasta hands; CC Adi 5.185
hasta hands; CC Adi 6.38
hasta hand; CC Adi 12.25
hasta-padera of the hands and legs; CC Adi 13.113
śrī-hasta caraṇa the palm and the sole; CC Adi 14.16
hasta-padera of the hands and legs; CC Madhya 2.12
hasta the hands; CC Madhya 2.13
śire hasta dhari' keeping His hand on their heads; CC Madhya 3.14
hasta of the hands; CC Madhya 4.77
hasta hands; CC Madhya 7.37
hasta the hand; CC Madhya 8.284
hasta hands; CC Madhya 11.6
hasta diyā placing His hand; CC Madhya 11.137
hasta hand; CC Madhya 12.148
śrī-hasta-sparśe by the touch of the transcendental hand of Lord Caitanya; CC Madhya 13.31
hasta-yuga His two arms; CC Madhya 13.51
hasta hand; CC Madhya 13.91
hasta of the hand; CC Madhya 13.97
pada-hasta legs and hands; CC Madhya 13.107
śrī-hasta-yuge with His two arms; CC Madhya 13.117
hasta tuli' raising the arms; CC Madhya 13.120
hasta hands; CC Madhya 14.22
hasta hands; CC Madhya 14.135
hasta diyā keeping His hand; CC Madhya 15.273
hasta hand; CC Madhya 20.222
sva-hasta-cālane moving His own hand; CC Madhya 21.135
hasta diyā putting their hands; CC Antya 2.126
hasta-pada-ańguli fingers and toes; CC Antya 3.210
hasta dharilā caught the hand; CC Antya 6.204
sva-hasta own hand; CC Antya 6.301
hasta tuli' raising His hands; CC Antya 12.128
hasta-pāda arms and legs; CC Antya 14.65-66
hasta arms; CC Antya 14.65-66
hasta-pada the arms and legs; CC Antya 17.16
hasta-pāda the arms and legs; CC Antya 17.21
hasta-pada arm and leg; CC Antya 18.52
śrī-hasta his hand; CC Antya 18.61
hasta hāle my hands tremble; CC Antya 20.93