phala-hetavaḥ those desiring fruitive results; BG 2.49
hetavaḥ causes; BG 18.15
hetavaḥ causes; SB 1.5.34
hetavaḥ due to the cause of; SB 1.10.6
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 3.9.16
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 3.12.21
ārti-hetavaḥ the cause of all inauspiciousness; SB 3.17.4
hetavaḥ causes; SB 4.1.16
hetavaḥ causes; SB 4.8.28
hetavaḥ causes; SB 4.22.9
sakala-loka-sthiti-hetavaḥ the causes of the maintenance of the different planets within the universe; SB 5.20.39
hetavaḥ the original causes; SB 5.25.9
hetavaḥ causes; SB 6.3.4
hetavaḥ causes; SB 6.4.45
prīti-hetavaḥ sources of pleasure; SB 6.14.13
jñāna-hetavaḥ very learned persons who preach all over the world; SB 6.15.12-15
tulya-āyāsa-hetavaḥ who made an equal endeavor; SB 8.8.39-40
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 8.24.29
nāśa-hetavaḥ having the definite purpose of killing Them; SB 10.11.23
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 10.24.22
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 10.27.5
hetavaḥ causes; SB 10.40.2
hetavaḥ sources; SB 10.86.56
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 11.8.38
hetavaḥ causes; SB 11.13.4
hetavaḥ fruitive activities, which are the cause of future rewards; SB 11.13.31
guṇa-hetavaḥ are manifested from the material mode of goodness; SB 11.15.3
hetavaḥ causes; SB 11.15.33
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 11.22.12
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 12.4.36
hetavaḥ the causes; SB 12.8.45