hīnā dispossessed; SB 1.14.21
hīna bereft of; SB 4.14.39-40
gandha-hīna without a trace; CC Adi 3.96
hīna low; CC Adi 4.18
hīna or lower; CC Adi 4.21-22
ati-hīna-jñāne in thinking very poor; CC Adi 4.24
kāma-gandha-hīna without a trace of lust; CC Adi 4.197
kāma-gandha-hīna without any scent of lust; CC Adi 4.209
hīna without; CC Adi 6.62
hīna inferior; CC Adi 7.1
hīna-sampradāya belonging to a lower spiritual school; CC Adi 7.64
hīna-ācāra lower-class behavior; CC Adi 7.70
dīna-hīna poor fallen souls; CC Madhya 1.30
hīna-buddhi consideration as inferior in quality; CC Madhya 1.114
tanu-hīna without a body; CC Madhya 2.22
hīna without; CC Madhya 4.179
dhana-vidyā-hīna without any wealth and education; CC Madhya 5.22
kula-hīna without aristocracy; CC Madhya 5.67
bhakti-hīna nondevotees; CC Madhya 9.276
hīna nil; CC Madhya 13.108
priya-sańga-hīnā being separated from the man beloved; CC Madhya 13.152
dīna-hīna jane unto all poor men; CC Madhya 14.44
hīna lower; CC Madhya 16.262
hīna inferior; CC Madhya 16.263-264
ati-hīna very low; CC Madhya 19.69
aiśvarya-jñāna-hīna without reverential considerations; CC Madhya 19.193
mamatā-gandha-hīna not even the smallest quantity of intimacy; CC Madhya 19.218
hīna without; CC Madhya 19.224
hīna-artha of the necessities of the conditioned souls, who are poor in spiritual knowledge; CC Madhya 21.1
rāga-hīna who are without spontaneous attachment to Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 22.109
hīna kari as the lowest; CC Madhya 23.26
hīna-artha-adhika-sādhake who bestows greater benedictions upon one who is fallen and possesses no good qualities; CC Madhya 23.29
granthi-hīna without any knot; CC Madhya 24.16
avidyā-hīna without ignorance; CC Madhya 24.147
vidhi-hīna without following any regulative principles; CC Madhya 24.147
duḥkha-hīna not under miserable material conditions; CC Madhya 24.182
vāñchā-antara-hīna he has no desire other than to serve Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 24.182
hīna bereft of all good qualities; CC Madhya 25.78
hīna chāra most condemned and abominable; CC Antya 4.67
hīna condemned; CC Antya 6.128
kāma-gandha-hīna without a scent of material lust; CC Antya 7.39
aiśvarya-jñāna-hīna devoid of knowledge of opulences; CC Antya 7.41
hīna-jāti in a low family; CC Antya 11.27
hīna-karme in low activities; CC Antya 11.27
dīna-hīna the most wretched; CC Antya 16.151