hita-kāmyayā for your benefit; BG 10.1
hita-ātmanā by one who desires good for all; SB 4.22.18
hita-ahitāya for the profit and loss; SB 6.17.23
hita-kṛt who is beneficial; SB 7.5.37
hita-eṣiṇī because she was anxious for the welfare of Kṛṣṇa, she became very much agitated, thinking, "How is it that Kṛṣṇa has eaten earth?"; SB 10.8.33
hita-eṣibhiḥ by persons who desire good for this place; SB 10.11.23
hita-avatīrṇasya who have descended for the benefit of all living entities; SB 10.14.7
hita-tamaḥ who acts most favorably; SB 10.36.28
hita and welfare; SB 11.17.21
hita welfare; CC Adi 3.98
hita benefit; CC Adi 8.56
hita benefit; CC Adi 16.19
hita beneficial; CC Adi 17.56
hita the benefit; CC Adi 17.262
hita benefit; CC Madhya 2.87
hita benefit; CC Madhya 5.153
hita-kartā the well-wisher; CC Madhya 6.58
hita-upadeśa good instruction; CC Madhya 9.100
hita welfare; CC Madhya 14.17
hita vāñcha' desire the welfare; CC Madhya 15.169
hita welfare; CC Madhya 20.100
hita my welfare; CC Madhya 20.102
hita-avatīrṇasya who have descended for the benefit of all living entities; CC Madhya 21.11
hita welfare; CC Madhya 21.121
loka-hita lāgi' for the benefit of people in general; CC Antya 2.136
tomāra hita vāñchi wish well for you; CC Antya 2.138
hita-nimitta for benefit; CC Antya 4.140
hita haya there will be benefit; CC Antya 4.140
hita lāgi' for benefit; CC Antya 4.151
hita benefit; CC Antya 5.130
hita lāgi' for the benefit; CC Antya 7.117
hita benefit; CC Antya 7.122
hita benefit; CC Antya 7.124
hita-sthāne what is for my benefit; CC Antya 7.128
hita welfare; CC Antya 7.140
tāra hita his benefit; CC Antya 12.33
hita for benefit; MM 32