na iṣyate there is no need of; SB 4.22.14
iṣyate taken in that way; SB 4.22.35
iṣyate is available; SB 4.25.4
iṣyate becomes possible; SB 6.1.11
iṣyate prescribed; SB 8.21.32
iṣyate for this purpose the creation is there; SB 9.24.58
na iṣyate are not capable of causing; SB 10.22.26
iṣyate is considered; SB 10.40.13-14
iṣyate is meant; SB 11.17.42
iṣyate is considered; SB 11.21.13
iṣyate is said; SB 12.13.4-9
iṣyate is said to be; SB 12.13.15
iṣyate known thus; CC Adi 7.119
iṣyate is accepted as; CC Madhya 6.154
iṣyate known thus; CC Madhya 8.153
iṣyate known thus; CC Madhya 20.112
iṣyate known thus; CC Madhya 24.308
iṣyate is accepted; CC Madhya 25.146