prakṛti-jaiḥ born of the modes of material nature; BG 3.5
prakṛti-jaiḥ born of material nature; BG 18.40
ātma-jaiḥ along with her sons; SB 1.8.17
ātma-jaiḥ by the sons; SB 1.11.32
pūrva-jaiḥ knowledge suggested by a previous philosopher; SB 2.8.25
gotra-jaiḥ of the same family; SB 3.7.24
netra-jaiḥ from the eyes; SB 4.9.50
sva-bhāva-jaiḥ natural; SB 4.29.41
manu-jaiḥ by men; SB 5.14.5
sagara-ātma-jaiḥ by the sons of Mahārāja Sagara; SB 5.19.29-30
pūrva-jaiḥ by your forefathers; SB 8.19.15
netra-jaiḥ coming from His eyes; SB 9.10.39-40
kara-jaiḥ with the nails of her hand; SB 10.53.51-55
divi-jaiḥ by the residents of heaven; SB 10.55.25
jaiḥ produced; SB 10.60.3-6
carma-jaiḥ made of leather; SB 10.64.4
pūrva-jaiḥ by the predecessors (such as Sanaka); SB 10.87.3
ātma-jaiḥ by his sons (headed by Sanaka); SB 11.6.1