karma-jam due to fruitive activities; BG 2.51
ajñāna-jam due to ignorance; BG 10.11
ajñāna-jam produced of ignorance; BG 14.8
prasāda-jam born of the satisfaction; BG 18.37
svabhāva-jam born of his own nature; BG 18.42
svabhāva-jam born of his own nature; BG 18.43
svabhāva-jam born of his own nature; BG 18.44
svabhāva-jam born of his own nature; BG 18.44
saha-jam born simultaneously; BG 18.48
ātma-jam his own son; SB 1.7.8
ātma-jam his own son; SB 1.18.41
agra-jam his elder brother (King Dhṛtarāṣṭra); SB 3.20.2
ātma-jām his own daughter; SB 3.21.27
tvat-ańga-jam produced from your body; SB 4.4.23
yat-ańga-jām the daughter of whom; SB 4.4.30
sparśa-jam derived by touch sensation; SB 4.9.9
sańkalpa-jam the desired result; SB 4.9.27
ātma-jam his son; SB 4.9.37
ańga-jam his son; SB 4.9.42-43
ātma-jam produced from himself; SB 4.15.19
ātma-jam his own son; SB 4.16.13
ātma-jām the earth; SB 4.23.1-3
vipāka-jam obtained as a result; SB 4.29.54
ātma-jam his son; SB 5.1.22
jam born; SB 5.1.41
ātma-jam his own son; SB 5.8.27
ańga-jam dirty things or infections of the body; SB 5.18.11
jarāyu-jam one born from a womb; SB 5.18.32
sveda-jam one born from perspiration; SB 5.18.32
lakṣmaṇa-agra-jam the elder brother of Lakṣmaṇa; SB 5.19.1
tat-kāla-jam born at that time; SB 5.23.9
deha-vāk-buddhi-jam performed by the body, words and intelligence; SB 6.1.13-14
adharma-jam produced from irreligious actions; SB 6.2.17
karma-jam caused by activities; SB 6.2.36-37
kāla-jam born of time; SB 6.6.9
ātma-jam a son; SB 6.14.30
moha-jam born of ignorance; SB 7.2.42
moha-jam produced from illusory knowledge; SB 7.7.19-20
manasi-jam which is simply a mental concoction (actually there is no happiness); SB 7.9.45
sva-bhāva-jam born from one's own modes of nature; SB 7.11.32
uṭa-jam made of grass; SB 7.12.20
bhūta-jam because of other living entities; SB 7.15.24
ātma-jam sufferings due to the body and mind; SB 7.15.24
pańka-jam filled with lotus flowers; SB 8.2.14-19
jala jam a conchshell (which is born in water); SB 8.15.6
jala-jam the conchshell; SB 8.15.23
ātma-jam a son; SB 9.1.35
prathama-jam the first-born baby; SB 10.1.57
kaṃsa-jam because of Kaṃsa; SB 10.2.6
aruṇa-mūrdha-jam whose hair was the color of copper; SB 10.6.14
kaumāra-jam karma performed during their kaumāra age (the age of five years); SB 10.12.37
agra-jam to His elder brother, Lord Balarāma; SB 10.15.4
viraha-jam based on separation; SB 10.15.43
śarat-arka-jam due to the sun in the autumn season; SB 10.20.38
abhimāna-jam based on false identification; SB 10.20.42
viraha-jam born of their separation; SB 10.32.9
viraha-jam born out of their feelings of separation; SB 10.33.1
jam born; SB 10.54.49
nirodha-jam due to imprisonment; SB 10.70.23
mūrdha-jam the hair of his head; SB 10.88.18-19
ańghri-jam consisting of (the holy rivers) generated from Your lotus feet; SB 11.6.19
jām caused by; SB 11.8.43
anuloma-jam birth in a mixed family in which the father is superior in social status to the mother; SB 11.20.2
ātma-jam his own son; SB 12.1.1-2
kula-jām born of a proper family; SB 12.3.42
dhātu-jam due to the taint of other metals; SB 12.3.47
jam based upon; SB 12.6.33
priya-sańga-jam produced from meeting her beloved; CC Madhya 14.187
ātma-jam as her own son, born of her body; CC Madhya 19.204
ātma-jam her own son, born out of her body; CC Antya 7.33