janmabhiḥ by incarnations; SB 2.4.9
janmabhiḥ after births; SB 3.19.29
janmabhiḥ through births; SB 3.21.13
uru-janmabhiḥ after many births; SB 4.8.31
śata-janmabhiḥ for one hundred births; SB 4.24.29
janmabhiḥ of births; SB 4.31.10
janmabhiḥ with births in a higher species like the demigods in the heavenly planets; SB 5.13.21
labdha-janmabhiḥ who have taken birth; SB 5.19.19
janmabhiḥ with births; SB 7.1.39
janmabhiḥ and incarnations; SB 10.38.12
janmabhiḥ with births; SB 10.47.58
uru-janmabhiḥ in many lifetimes; SB 10.51.37
janmabhiḥ after lifetimes; SB 10.52.43
janmabhiḥ in births; SB 11.2.18
janmabhiḥ of the appearances; SB 11.4.1
śata-janmabhiḥ by hundreds of births; CC Antya 4.63